Birthday. Singapore. Flood. Absent. Welcome to my World!


Hi Guys!

I would like to welcome you to my little blog site entitled “From Dusk, Till Don” (since yun yung time na lagi akong gising thats when all the action happens… Action?!?) Cheers!!!!

So, I’ve been telling you guys my everyday stories in Facebook and Twitter and minsan I get frustraded kasi wala akong enough space. So I opened a new blog site that will feature my everyday adventures. Wala lang, just in case you’re interested. 🙂

Let’s start.

Today was not only my first day of blogging, but its the birthday of my 8-year old nephew Yuri. Woot woot!

You probably have seen him in most of the photos na naupload ko sa Facebook or Flickr. What can I say, he’s the best child model. Haha!

So I went straight home pagkauwi ko from office and we surprised him with his birthday cake, let him make a wish and blow the candle.

After blowing, he said “Thank you for this wonderful day”. Sweeet!

Before that, I was talking to my mom (Merly) and informed her na Zero Fare ngayon sa Cebu Pacific and nag book ako ng flight to Singapore.

She asked me to look for flights going there on October and if possible na kasama ko sila Ate (Misty). After a few minutes, were all going to Singapore! Another woot woot!!!

Yuri’s wish is to ride a roller coaster. Lagi kasi siyang sinasabihan ni Ate na bawal pa siya sa ganung rides and 8 is the right age. So he’s been waiting for this to come. So Singapore+Roller Costers = Universal Studios!

For a that amount, not bad na for the four of us. Yun lang we still have to look for flights pabalik. But its gonna be easy nalang.

Its been raining since morning. Sarap na sarap lang ako matulog ng walang aircon. And akala ko in the afternoon matatapos na yung ulan. Pag gising ko…. PAAAAAAAKKKKKKK! Umuulan pa din and I can hear people sa labas na nagsasabing baha! PATAY!

Binalewala ko lang siya. “Baha?!? Pfftt! Wala yan”. So I went straight to shower and BANG! Nag B-R-O-W-N-O-U-T!!!!!
I admit it, unang pumasok sa isip ko is “Paano ako mag paplantsa ng buhok?!?” Pangalawa nalang yung outfit ko for tonight. So I went out (in a bath towel only) to check if baha nga. “Ay oo nga. Seryoso baha mga siya”.

Ayun. So I texted my TL (I hope she’s not mad at me) that I wont be able to make it tonight. I wanna know whats the real deal with the weather and since we have no TV to watch the news, I was in desperate need of the WWW. I’m using prepaid globe and buti nalang I still have credits to register, check the weather and my Facebook and Twitter. All it takes is P15.00! One of the sweetest things in life.

And there, I was waiting for the electricity to come back so that I can post my very first entry. It was a series of good and bad events today. I’m gonna miss the office (seriously, I will) but I’ll be back tomorrow for sure.

Thanks for visiting my site. I promise that I will share all my funny, weird, GV and non-sense stories here for you to see. And also, di lang naman puro ako ang nandito, pati ibang tao share ko sa inyo. Wala lang, kanya kanyang trip. Come on, life is too short. Smile while you still have teeth!

Oops! May ilaw na!!!!!!!!!!


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