Its Raining… Kainin Mo Ko!

I’m hungry! I havent had dinner. Nakakastress yung ulan.

Anyway, whenever it rains like this (almost ONDOY like) one of the things I worry about, aside from baha and what to wear, is what to eat.

Come on, who doesn’t want to eat lalo na pag ganito kalakas yung ulan? Aaminin ko, kanina ko pa iniisip if what food will I eat. Ofcourse I have to stick with kung ano yung available now here sa bahay. But before I even grab a bite, gamitin natin ang ating imaginary kitchen and share ko sa inyo yung mga gusto ko kainin pag tag ulan/bagyo.

Squash/Pumpkin Soup: Looks like Gerber in a bowl noh? But this is always the first dish that comes into my mind when its raining. Its basically Kalabasa and cream. Yun nga lang effort to gawin, sa pag balat palang ng squash and pag blend then pag cook. But its really really good especially when its warm and with toast or any bread.

Guinataang Munggo: You know what? May iba pa silang term dito sa dish na to eh. I’m not sure na kung ano yun basta parang ka sound ng “Tokneneng” or “Tamilok”. Basta may letters “T” at “K”. Grabe, my Lola Amanda is Kapangpangan and I can still remember when she cooks this just because. Paguwi namin sa school meron na sa house for merienda. And the smell….. Hmmmmmm super bango diba? The more sunog the better!

“Chocolate Porridge With Dried Fish” pweh! Tsamporado at Tuyo (O, umarte ng naayon sa itsura): When I was still a kid, my stepmom used to cook this for merienda. Naalala ko meron pa nga nitong instant eh. Sa Batangas naman, my Lola Camila cooks this for us too. Favorite ko ilagay na milk dito is Alpine. Super sarap. Pero lately ko nalang siya na appreciate with Tuyo.

Pork Sinigang: One fact about me, I dont like eating sabaw especially with kanin like Tinola, Nilaga etc. Ewan ko, feeling ko kasi i-nuulam yung tubig (eeww) sorry ha? But I like soups since they’re thick. Kaya nga my Ate always make sure that our Sinigang is malapot and full of Gabi (Makati ka pa sa Gabi! Wala lang). My favorite parts of sinigang are Labanos, Okra and Pork ofcourse. Sometimes yung Buto-Buto din.

So there, the four dishes that came into my mind at this very moment. That made me so hungry. I went to the fridge only to find this:

Isang hugis triangle, malamig at walang kamatayang PIZZA!



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