OMG: A Black Cat Attacked Me This Morning!!!

For some reason, I dont like cats.

Maybe because di sila naliligo, or (excuse me) because while travelling, I see dead animals on the road by accident and most of the time, they’re cats or maybe because I’m just scared na kalmutin nila ako or worst, bite me.

A few days ago, I had a strange dream. I was fighting with a big BLACK cat. It was like super furry, with red big eyes, long tail and parang sing laki ng askal. We were fighting in a kung-fu like manner. Yes! The cat was very good and I was like imitating Jackie Chan when we were fighting. It was really a wierd dream. Good thing my phone alarmed.

A friend told me that “A dream with a black cat on it symbolizes a SECRET. So I was fighting with a big secret”. Uhmmmm… I’m not sure if thats true but as I’ve checked, wala naman akong big secret so far.

This morning, pumunta ako sa likod bahay namin to get the clothes I washed last Monday when I saw a black cat sa ibabaw ng kabayo (Now, you might find this wierd, I’m refering to the ironing board. Diba we call it kabayo? Or ako lang yun?) I know this cat. It was our neighbors na ewan ko ba, kahit di namin invited sa bahay eh nandito tumatambay. Anyway, the cat was sleeping. Since I dont want to wake up the cat, I moved slowly and quietly.

I bumped into a pile of hangers and BAAAM! Nagising siya. I saw na nagulat siya and the at was looking at me na para bang naimberna siya. I have this habit of threatening cats so ginawa ko. To my surprise, imbis na umalis siya, tumayo siya, nag meow ng nag meow, tumayo ang buntot and tumalon papunta sa akin!!!!

Again, napasigaw ako ng high pitch! (BABAEEEE!!) Hinarang ko yung baskets of hanger and alam ko na dun siya tumama and bigla siyang tumakbo papalayo going to the house that she belongs to. I went back immediately to my room and I was so scared.

So now, napatunayan ko na lalo na I really dont like cats since they really dont like me too.


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