SEx For Lunch: Sinangag Express in Malugay Street, not so happy about it.

So, we’ve been talking about the newly opened Sinangag Express in Maluggay Street, Makati since last week. And yesterday, we’ve decided to check it out for a late night group SEx lunch (I really like saying it).

Super excited ako since that was my first time (yeah virgin pa ako for this). And also, nag crave din ako ng mga SILOGS so we went. I went there with my friends Joey, Elmer and Bevs. Malapit siya sa Caltex and Petron, tapat ng Export Plaza along Buendia (Basta, figure it out). When we arrived there, wala naman masyado tao. May mga konting nag iinuman lang. Wala masyadong ganap.

We checked the menu and there was a lady waiting at the counter. I know na hindi siya crew lang since maayos yung get up niya and naka mauke up. Ofcourse I ordered my favorite Tocilog. I saw the posters and it looks yummy! Another thing caught my eye sa menu; SPECIAL ICED TEA. So I asked, “Bakit special yung Iced Tea???” Then the lady said, “Its special because its homemade (Wow, Englisera! EOP! EOP! EOP pala dito! chot). Pero deadma lang. Its masarap, it doesn’t come in large size though. Boo!

Then after me, Elmer ordered Tapsilog while Joey and Bevs ordered Liemsilog. Gusto malaman ni Joey kung gaano karami yung rice para if not enough, he can order pa. When he asked, sagot ni ateng nagmaarte “Here, you want me to show you?” Aba aba aba! Nag aatitude??? Pero deadma nalang, gutom kami eh so hinayaan nalang namin. Baka meron lang siya or kaka-break lang nila ng boyfirend niya or nagmamaganda lang siya na feling niya may ari siya nung place.

Anyway, after a few minutes (in fairness, mablis siya ha, express nga talaga) our orders arrived. To my surprise, here’s what I saw on my plate:

1. Basang plato. Yung parang kaka banlaw pa lang tapos nilagay na yung food.
2. Ga-bundok na kulay yellow rice. Buti nalang di ako nag extra rice.
3. A pretty cooked egg. I love eggs.
4. At, tatlo at kalahating pirasong “near-to sunog-nocity” na Tocino.

My friends got the same plate, the same rice, the same pretty egg and same bilang ng liempo at tapa.

I got a little disappointed with what was served. To think na tocino lang yun. Sabi nga namin sana nag Chic-boy nalang kami. So ayun, nag enjoy naman kaming mag kwentuhan so ok na din.

But, I dont think I’ll have SEx again. šŸ™‚


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