“POPOY, I Need Space!”

Basha: Popoy, I need space!
Popoy: Space ba gusto mo? *uurong sa tabi* Ayan… space.


Ofcourse this is not the kind of space that we are gonna talk about (the pilosopong space). Tonight, were gonna talk about couple’s time apart.

You know, I’ve been in four relationships in the past 9 years and aaminin ko, I had a hard time understanding this matter. I was so young when I started and before, a relationship for me means always being together at all times (yung kung pwede kayong pagdikitin ng Mighty Bond gagawin niyo). Yung lagi kayong magkadikit sa lahat ng oras, lugar, panahon, pangyayari at iba pa. Yung tipong your world revolves around the two of you only.

Trust me baby, its fun, but not healthy.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in relationships; a little DISTANCE is healthy. Based on experience, it is important that couples dont spend every minute (or even second) that they have together. Dapat both of them have friends, hobbies and individual interests. That little space apart is very helpful for both parties. With this space, nagkakaroon sila ng time to re-asses themselves, realize their shortcomings and higit sa lahat, it makes them a stronger individual which in return, will make them a better couple.

Pustahan, there are things/peole or even a hobby na gustong gusto ng partner mo pero hate na hate mo or simply not your thing. Why not let him/her do it, do your own thing and talk about it at the end of the day?

Being together or even talking to each other (constant texting, calling, reporting) all the time also limits the exciting topics that you guys can talk about and bores the relationship in a way. Diba exciting yung you guys havent heard from each other the whole day or even weeks tapos pag uwi sobrang excited kayo to tell each other’s stories or surprises along the way?

One friend once told me, her name is Leslie Ann Pacheco, that “Ang magjowa parang riles lang yan ng tren. Dalawang magkahiwalay na lines pero papunta sa isang direction” (I miss you Leslie!) Pag lagi kasi kayong magkadikit at you just end up doing one thing together, you tend to lose your INDIVIDUALITY. Your jowa might look for the person she/he fell inlove with since ang nakikita nalang niya is yung sarili niya sayo dahil parang magkapareho na kayo sa lahay ng bagay.

So ayun, try to think about it. Its never too late to get back on track. Dont lose yourself in the process just because youre being too clingy to you partner. Malay mo he/she is starting to think already kasi nasasakal na siya. Wag naman sana.

Just saying.


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