TOYS: “One Day You’re In, And The Next Day You’re Out”

I had a very nice day yesteday with my family. Its was the celebration of Yuri’s 8th birthday. We had lunch at Kanin Club, chowed-down on some Kare-Kare (putok batok 1), Crispy Dinuguan (putok batok 2) and Aligue Rice (putok batok 3). After that we went to ATC to buy some stuff for the kids’ school which will start tomorrow.

We went to Rustan’s and while they’re doing some “kelangan-ko-to-sa-school-mama-promise!” shopping, nagikot ikot ako and went to the toys section.


Ofcourse di ako sa “Toys For The Boys” section nagpunta no hahahaha! I dunno, maybe I never really liked playinh with trucks, guns, action figures etc. I remember owning a toy gun though as seen in this picture and thats it.


Cute ko no? Hello? Hello? Ay walang sumagot. Ok lets move forward.

So ayun nga. Instead, I went to the girls section. I was surprised to see kung paano na nag evolve ang toy industry for girls. Dati puro stuffed toys, Barbie, Polly Pocket, Kitchen-kitchenan etc. lang yung mga toys nila but now, they already have super cute stuff. This in particular caught my attention.


I love Project Runway! Who doesnt? I think thats one reality show that will never go out of style. I watched its first season up to the 8th (where my bet Gretchen Jones won) and now I’m waiting for the 9th. I saw this on one of the shelves and I was amazed.

Its a “challenge” toy, for instance, the challenge for this is “To design this scarf by using Tie Dye”. It comes with a real white scarf and dyeing materials too. Di lang siya actually a toy, but from the looks of it, you’ll learn how to dye everything after. Now how cool is that?

And di lang yun, every Project Runway box is a different challenge to take. I saw one where you get your own little manequin and design a dress, another was to create a collection for four paper doll models and they even have a “Deconstruct and Make A New Outfit” challenge. But ofcourse, I think eto muna yung dapat bilhin ng mga kids, The Starter Kit:


Sobrang naaliw ako dito sa toy na to. I was in that alley for 20 minutes just looking and reading it (pinagtitinginan na nga ako nung mga sales man parang na weird-uhan, ang laki laki kong tao tapos nandun ako sa toys section, girls section pa then I was smiling pa while holding this toy). I want to buy it for Tyra kaso feeling ko di pa pwede sa kanya yun and baka ako lang maglaro nun (just like her Baby Alive that I play with from time to time. LOL)

Check this out guys. You might wanna consider this as a gift for someone you know na little girls who loves fashion and help them build a career from an early age. I’m just glad that toys nowadays dont just teach the kids how to cook, clean the house or to cuddle a teddy bear. They’re now challenging the kids to be more creative and actually help in shaping their future.

Auf Wiedersehen!


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