When Krispy Kreme Won Over Gym & That Boy Named Jed.

Krispy Kreme and I have a “love-hate relationship”.

I love him/her/it because when I’m down, depressed, or just because, I go to their store to eat and it makes me happy. I hate him/her/it since it adds up to the calories that I already have inside me (my God, one week na akong di nag gym. This is not right!)


Anyways, last Thursday I gave in to the temptation of eating doughnuts. Tama! Doughnuts won over Gym!!! This time, I’ve invited some of my friends para we an eat and kwento and laugh as well. Here they are from the left:


Gracie, Me, Bevs, Joey, Lester and Marj. We call this picture “The Couples For Krispy Kreme” photo kasi you can crop this photo to make three pairs. Gracie and Marj follwed nalang but the four of us went there very early.

While ordering, naguusap kami ni joey ng biglang lumabas ang isang makisig, cute at super accomodating na lalaking eto:


Guys, this is Jed, the doughnut guy. Napatigil ang usapan namin ng bumati siya ng isang super tamis (matamis pa sa original glazed) na “Good Morning!”. What I did was I ordered, grabbed my camera phone and ask the other counter girl if i can take a picture of him for two reasons:
1. For me to post it here and in FB to share it to you and..
2. For my friend Oliver who has a blog about Commuter Cuties; a collection of cute guys spotted around the metro. Naku you should visit his blog. Well I volunteered myself to be part of Oliver’s quest and decided to be one of his agents.

And guess what Jed did. He stood in front of me, waited for my count and smiled. Natuwa kami since that was so game of him. Di suplado, di maarte, at kung aarte naman siya eh may K naman siya (minsan kasi kung sino pa yung di masyadong blessed sa itsura sila pa yung suplado). Something happened pa nun eh na si Joey ang nakakita but I think di ko nalang siya isusulat dito. Ask him nalang. Right Joey? HAHAHAHA! Keywords: To the right. Wet. Fit. Baston. Felix. 🙂

Dun kami umupo sa comfortable na chair (and sa lugar na nakaharap kami kay Jed actually) then it was already a moment of unstoppable laughter. Then Gracie and Marj came along. It was a great day. Aside from Jed, nagenjoy talaga ako sa kwentuhan ay tawanan at artehan at ang favorite ko sa lahat…… Ang walang katapusang MISPRONOUNCED WORDS!

Sa uulitin!


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