Wanna Be On Top… AGAIN? America’s Next Top Model All Star Edition

For 16 cycles, i watched America’s Next Top Model and I can say that I never missed an episode. Ive seen it all as Tyra Banks reinvent and reshape the modelling and fashion industry by making it accessible to everyone.

You know what I mean. White blondes, black (moneshia) bitches, sassy latinas, bi-racial beauties, plus-size bomshells, “ugly-duckling-turned-into-swan stories”, the rise of the nerds, the know it all experienced models, sibling rivalries, the petite edition (5’7 and below) and even the transgender (Isis) and the lesbians (Kayla and Kim).

On its 17th cycle, coming this fall (dito sa atin, its gonna be September 14 and hopefully ETC will air a Match Airing once again) ANTM will premier, this time not with newbies, but the old ones.

Yes! Its the models’ second chance to grab the title and give it another run as Tyra makes it America’s Next Top Model All Stars. Out of the 16 cycles they had, they chose 14 lucky alumnae who they feel had the most personality and impact in the past competitions. Ready for the list? Hold on kasi its gonna be a blast from the past ride. Pero I’ll help you remember them.

Shannon, Cycle 1
Siya yung gusto ko manalo when ANTM started. She really looks like Elle McPhearson. She was the one who maintained her christian virtues and refused to do the first ever naked photo shoot. Paano kaya this time when the shoots are gonna be intense? We’ll see (sign of the cross).

Camille, Cycle 2
From what I remember, I dont like her. Hahaha! But she started the whole “signature walk thingy” that became a requirement as the competion progressed. A good walker but I still dont like her. She’ll be a bitch on the show I bet.

Brittany, Cycle 4
Hahaha! Memories of this girl are not so serious ones. Lagi lang siya nag goo-goof around, joking and making fun of her fellow models. I like her husky voice too and her younger version Janice Dickenson look.

Lisa, Cycle 5
“Alcoholic Bitch” are the words that I remember with this girl. Alam ko kaaway siya ng madami in her cycle cause she’s crazy, loud and out of this world. She has no friends too aside from her CACTUS cousin named ITT! Crazy noh? But yeah, she’s good. Too short though.

Bre, Cycle 5
“Who stole my granola bar???” That was the question! Haha! But she was for me the best natural runway walker ever kaya lagi siya na invite to mentor future contestants. Probably the reason why she was chosen.

Bianca, Cycle 9
She was the first bald woman ata to join the contest (di ko sure ha pero from what i remember, she was). May dating siya eh. She looks fierce, villainish, and I like her skin color. She was tagged as a bitch. Maybe she’ll do good this time.

Isis, Cycle 11
Lets give it up for the tranny model!!! Yes she is back and I think she has it on her. Sana lang this time she’ll be more confident and embrace who she really is. Fierce poser here!

Dominique, Cycle 10
On the other hand, she was the so tanned, tranny looking model who was so self absorbed and too much confindent as what her co models call her. But looking back, she did deliver one hell of a performance and she has a unique beauty. Lets see if she’s still like that with all the competitive girls.

Sheena, Cycle 11
Hoochie!!!! With her fake boobies and stick out booty shoots, she looks like a Playboy model which is sabi nila, the fashion industry doesnt wanna go. But she’s the asian model this cycle and there ate no asian model winner yet. Maybe its her time now.

Allison, Cycle 12
I will say it now. I’m rooting for her! For me she is the modern day Twiggy! The poppy eyed model who can pull off a high fashion modelling career. I like her big eyes and her rabbit like teeth. I think by now she have already mastered her strenghts and she’s ready to face the competition. Sana she’s confident na din. Go Alison!!!!

Laura, Cycle 13
Now she did very well. She’s the Rachel Hunter look a like and she’s from the Petite Cycle. She’s a chameleon when it comes to modelling. Im just afraid na since she’s a short, sweet country girl, the bitches in the house might eat her alive.

Angelea, Cycle 14
She’s for me the best bi racial contestant. Pero wait, thats in terms of her color, her bone structure, her killer legs and her proportions are tama lang for a model. Thats probably why she has the record for booking the most go sees in the whole competition (6 out of 6). Kaya nga lang, she always looks defeated and weak when shes being criticized. Yun lang!

Kayla, Cycle 15
Kung may tranny, ofcourse may Lesbi! Based on her performance in her cycle, I can say that she’s a darkhorse in this competition. I was rooting for her and Ann as well kaso lang they need high fashion at that time and she was not ready yet. Hope she had more experience already and kill the competition now!

Alexandria, Cycle 16
The last cycle will not would have not been complete without her; a control freak, public enemy number 1 girl with a positive attitude at all times. Ang gulo no? But she showed that she can model last cycle. Its really just her attitude and her complaining. But yeah Im happy she’s here.

Now, for me there are other models that were more exciting to watch at this all star cycle. Like Jade, the undiscovered model, Melrose with her beautiful bone structure and the fiercest twins of all Amanda and Michelle. But i heard that after this cycle, the next cycle will be all stars ulit. Well see.

I like this cycle. I think its a very nice treat to all those fans who’ve supported and watched the show for years. Its gonna be like ANTM meets Girls Behaving Badly in one show. So stoked!

So who’s your bet? πŸ™‚


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