My Fight With WEIGHT: A Glimpse Of The Past Inside My Closet

They say that for us to appreciate the present, we should always step
back and take a glimpse of the past.

For me, it applies to all aspects of life. Work, friends, love, career,
things, wants, food, even relationships! Nah, we’ll not gonna go there.
It also applies in our appearance. Weight for instance. To some people,
appearance is not important but for me (again this is my personal
opinion) let’s face it… in some ways and some situation, it is. But I
have great respect to your view on this matter whether you agree with me
or not. Siguro it really depends on how we dealt with it in the past and
until now.

This morning, I was going through my closet and I found some interesting
pieces of clothing. Let me show you later. Let’s have a walk to memory
lane first.

I was not the Don that you see now. Believe me. Let’s go back 6 years
ago nung part ng buhay ko na I consider as “The Dark Ages”

Yes, that was me. Kakatakot no? Parang mug shot lang! Long hair, 225
lbs. (the heaviest I’ve been as I can remember), on baggy clothes, lost
with low self esteem and no confidence at all. I was a bum, tambay, kain
tulog, no physical activities and was grumpy all the time.

I admit, there was a point when I hated myself. I dunno where to go; I’m
jobless and simply lost. When I was sad, I eat, A LOT!!! Nakakatatlo or
apat akong plato ng rice and sometimes I eat four times a day…. and
lahat yun kanin. When I started to notice the weight, lalo ako natakot
maghanap ng job at even mag gym. Sobrang mahiyain ako nun and I can’t
even look at people straight eye to eye.

I noticed that my life is not going anywhere and have decided that I
need to do something about it. I started by going to the nearest
computer shop and printed my first ever resume. Went to Makati the next
day and applied for a job (ePerformax). It was my first time in Makati
(seryoso) and at that same day, I got the job. It boosted my confidence.
The next weeks I started a walking exercise workout from the bus stop to
our home. I watched what I’m eating and tried to minimize my food
intake. A couple of years later I noticed na clothes are starting to
fit. I enrolled sa gym to lose more weight, I stopped, gained a couple
of pounds again and re-enrolled. I started reading articles over the
internet on how to eat and prepare healthy delicious food. Another
thing, I noticed that whenever I enter a relationship, I have the
tendency of gaining weight. Maybe because we both love to eat and I
started to feel at ease with him that I don’t need to do a weight
watch… which for me is wrong. Then I started to discover the wonders
of steaming and even made salads for baon sa office. I run the treadmill
30 minutes to an hour 3-4 times a week (well, I try to) and eat
moderately. Now, at my last check, I’m at 145 and I think I’m gonna
maintain it at that number.

Alright, going back to the closet scenario, I saw some of my old clothes
yesterday morning. NOTE: All of them were size XL. Now, at most shops,
I’m size freaking SMALL, minsan MEDIUM.




I know that it’s not that big of a difference from my previous weight
compared to the contestants of The Biggest Loser, but I consider it as
one of the biggest achievements in my life. And these things (my old
clothes) always remind me of my journey and how far na yung narrating ko
(naks!). It was not easy and up until now, I’m still struggling. You see
I love to eat and di na ata siya mawawala sa system ko since I eat to
gain comfort that’s why I keep myself fit by running on treadmills so
that I can still eat whatever I want and maintain my desired weight.
Being in your appropriate weight not only improves your appearance but
your confidence as well; and confidence (wag lang over ha) is
everything. That’s why the journey continues for me.

It’s really nice to look back in the past and see how you’ve changed.
However, the past will just remind us of what we were like. What’s more
important is what we chose to become now.


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