I Think I’m Pregnant!

All this rain did not stop me from my fast food cravings.


You see, I’ve been craving for fast food the whole week… burgers, fries, sundaes, spaghetti, breakfast meals etc. I’m like a pregnant woman!


Last Tuesday, my tastebuds were looking for a BURGER! I want a fast food burger! I was craving for that juicy, meaty, mayonaise-sy burger… Like CHAMP! So after shift, I gave in.


Wednesday, I’ve invited my friends to Jollibee for lunch since I was craving for a hearty soup since umuulan na nun. Ofcourse, Creamy Macaroni Soup na yun. Sarap!


Thursday, after having breakfast with my friend Bevs, I was craving for some flaky, creamy and hot seafood pie. Tuna Pie it is!



And today, the rain did not stop me. I went to McDo and ordered Big Breakfast and Cheese Shake Shake Fries. It was heaven!

What can I say, I love to eat and I give in to my cravings. Its one of the things I enjoy doing. Probably because we had Adobo almost the whole week last week and its been a while since I had fast food. I wonder what will I crave for next.

Happy eating guys!


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