I SAW MY FUTURE: I Was Old. I Was Happy. I Had A WIFE!

I’ve been having the weirdest dreams this week. This morning was a funny one.

In my dream today, I’ve met my “old self”. Nah, not my past but it appears to be my future.

I saw myself as an old, 60-year something man. My hair was grey, face was wrinkled but my teeth was still complete. I was wearing big dorky glasses, a knitted blue sweater over a white crisp gingham shirt, khaki pants and my favorite white Chuck Taylors (yes, I think I’ll become a cool Lolo haha!). The weird part was I was holding a Magic 8-ball on my right hand.

I was in a place where its snowing since there was some white something in the window. I was in the kitchen that looks like this:

I was sitting on the dining table chair and across the table, there was a woman. I’m not sure who that woman was. She was young, aroung 30 something, with long hair and full bangs. I can tell that she’s tall since she has long legs. I can tell that she’s not Pinay since she has very strong features; her eyes were hazel, hair was brown and very high cheeckbones. She was wearing a yellow dress and a white apron and she was just staring at me.

Now, despite the perfect setting and the happy look on my face, nung nakita ko yung woman, I started to think na this was a nightmare hahahaha! We were talking but its so weird that I wasnt able to hear anything that we talked about. All I can hear was the sound of the boiling water on the stove top, the strong winds outside, the burning wood in the fire place and the weirdest of them all, the water rushing out from the faucet in the kitchen sink. It was open but it didnt flood at all. Weird.

Now, as much as I dont wanna welcome the idea, the woman appears to be my wife. One friend told me na baka naman she’s my care taker, or maid. I duuno. Basta as of now, I dont see myself having a wife. If it was a man, that would be a nice dream kaso hindi eh so for now… it was a nightmare! šŸ™‚


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