“Phom Kid Thung Kun Mak” : I Miss Bangkok.

Hello there!!!

Or should I say, Sa was dee! A roon sa was! Sa bai dee mai?

You see, I checked my archives for the month of July and saw that I only had three posts for that month. What a shame! Hahaha! We”l lets just say that I’ve been very busy with a lot of things; like my vacation in Bangkok.

Yes! I went there with my two best friends last July 28 – 31 and I must say, it was a blast. I’ll be posting more information about the trip but for now, as a teaser, let me give you a list of some of the things that I miss now that I’m back here in Manila.

We stayed at the Saphaipae Hotel in Surasak Road. It felt like our own apartment. Favorite part was the veranda.

Roti. It’s a Thai street food thats like pancakes with eggs, bananas and margarine. Sarap!

Pink Cabs. They also come in green, purple, blue, orange, and red.

Mango Salad. Its sour, spicy, crunchy and peanut-ty. I’m addicted to this now. I’m planning to make one this weekend.

Pad Thai. The first Thai food I ate. Delicious, peanut-ty, sweet. Loves it!

The “No noise” traffic jam. Thai people are patient even with traffic jams like this.

The wide array of street foods. They’re everywhere! Cheap, delicious, and fun to eat. We settled for street foods for the whole duration of the trip. We survived!

The Mighty Tuk-tuk. They’re fast and they messed up my hair. Very friendly drivers.

Silom Soi 2. The gay district of Thailand. DJ Station where I danced on stage with my friends in front of a hundred people. I dont wanna stop that Friday night. We felt like we are the stars of the party! LOL

And ofcourse, the two people which made my trip super dooper extra special and fun, my best friends Ian and James. There, we can speak in Tagalog and talk about anything (like sex, boys and everything) on the streets and even the MRT without worrying that someone might hear and judge us.

I’ll be posting pictures soon. Need to put my editor’s hat first.
Leaw jor kan mai!


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