A FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY: 28 Things To Know About My Friend Ian

Today, my very good Friend Ian Galsim celebrates his 28 years of existence. Wow, konti nalang he’ll be out of the calendar numbers na. I was with him just a couple of days ago when we conquered Bangkok for a pre-birthday celebration and I must say that I was able to get to know him more and understand him deeply.

For his 28th birthday, here are 28 things that I know, that you should know & I can say about Ian Galsim:

1. We met back in College, year 2000 at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I first saw him in the third row talking with his seatmates with a “pamaypay” on his hand. From then on, I got a hint na malambot siya na parang tissue! Chot! Hahahaha! He was so daldal.

2. I knew that he’ll be the President of the class. He was noticable that time. He has the qualities of a leader.

3. One time, we swapped school bags. It was my MARITHE + FRANCOIS GIRBAUD bag and his messenger bag which I find so chic.

4. We swapped denim jackets as well. I bought that jacket from Anonymous and after a night out, he lost it in Republic of Malate if I’m not mistaken.

5. He was a very good director back and college. He directed almost all of our productions from 1st to 4th year. I was so happy when he won Best Director one time. Everyone listens to him as he command us to do anything for the love of art. (Sumusunod naman kami!)

6. He likes wearing stripped polo shirts for school. He has a good sense of fashion and he does’nt like expensive and branded clothes.

7. He asked us several times to talk and make drama to the wall for us to internalize for our school plays. That’s how we prepare for a show.

8. I first saw his name on the closing billboard of the gay oriented show OUT in channel 7. I was jumping when I showed his name to my boyfriend that time.

9. When reporting in class, we always expect that there will be a SHORT SKIT! Hahaha! But it always ends up funny and entertaining.

10. He’s now a TV Director/Cinematographer/Writer and Producer, directing shows like Tara Lets Eat, Wish Ko Lang and Fashbook etc., in GMA 7.

11. “You can compete with me, but you cannot compete with God” — A quote from him while we’re talking about religion and beliefs and me being in an accident because I was hit by a bus! LOL

12. He loves his family. His parents are in London and his dad is a chef who recently worked for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. He’s a very obedient child.

13. Like me, he has a P & F defect. Most recent which made me laugh was “Baby Pays” = “Babyface” while singing We Belong Together. It happened in a cab in Bangkok πŸ™‚

14. His thesis presentation theme was inspired by a fusion of Japanese and Chinese culture. He was wearing a black cheongsam and he served food from Tokyo Tokyo for the panel. Very creative.

15. He’s from Malabon and he’s proud of it. When I hear that word, his name immediately pops up in my mind.

16. He has a lot of friends from all walks of life. He’ll make sure that as much as possible, he’ll be able to see them at times and attend their parties. That’s why a lot of people love him.

17. He always voice out what he feels. Back in college, I remember him being the speaker of the whole class and he always debates. He’s fearless. He’s very smart and opinionated. Very confident too!

18. He design a men’s line called StateMENt. I’m proud of him being a designer. And sabi niya, he has a piece daw for me and he’ll make me some colorful shorts.

19. He loves the beach. Boracay! He’s a camera whore too, like me! πŸ™‚

20. When I was depressed and I needed someone to talk to, I called him and before we knew it, we’re sitting in Silya, Malate, eating sisig, watching some men pass by while talking about my ruined relationship. I really needed that lift and he unselfishly gave that to me.

21. We were separated by time and priorities since I dropped out of college, but after 6 years, we met again and our friendship continues up to now.

22. Because of him, I met my other friends Jerome and Ross, and met new friends James Duran and Xeng Atienza. He totally extended my gay friends network.

23. One time, we had an intimate talk about or lives and he taught us about DEPSS – Dream, Educate, Practice, Sell Your Self and Succeed. I saw him do that and he’s now very satisfied.

24. He’s a very passionate, caring and ideal partner/lover.

25. When in great excitement of when thinking of a certain thing so deep, he tends to be forgetful. Diba friend? πŸ™‚

26. He’s a Leo and according to the Internet, here are words that describes him (which is preety close to his personality): Confident. Ambitious. Generous. Loyal. Encouraging. Pretentious. Domineering. Melodramatic. Stubborn Vain. Although “Hindi hawak ng mga bituin ang ating kapalaran. Gabay lamang sila. Meron tayong free will. Gamitin natin ito”. Hahahha!

27. He will always be a reminder of what could I have been doing right now if I was able to finish my studies. He’s a role model to me. I (somehow) look up to him, with all the struggles and challenges that he went through in life, love, career and self-development.

28. And finally, he’s one of those people who I trust. One of the best friends I’ll ever have.

Happy birthday my friend. May you continue to find happiness, peace and contentment in all the things that you do. I β™₯ you bitch!


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