Nate’s Dedication + “Septic Tank” + Ian’s Dinner + Faith’s Videoke = Happy Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion

Saturday was friends day as I attended four events straight from my shift. Yeah, I was a zombie that but I didnt care. They are my college friends and I need to be there.

First up, I went to Isaac’s place to sleep and freshen up then we went to Nate’s Dedication (its like binyag) in Greenhills. We did not go to the church ceremony since I really need to sleep some and also buy a gift for that cute little boy… oh wait, for a 10-month old baby, Nate is not little! Hahaha! I have to buy a 4-year old, toddler size shirt for a baby who’s not even a year old. That’s how big he is. Look, he’s so cute!

So we went there and there were my good old friends: Faith, with her husband Rick and daughter An-z, Melissa, Zarah and husband Teddy and the “Late Entrance, Early Exit” queen, Ian, who in the end, had all the food that’s left. It was like us reuniting once again and as I’ve said, nothing has changed, we’re all still gorgeous.

Posing for the photo booth.

After that, we went to SM Megamall to watch “Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank”. It was a short and funny film. Even if the cinema was not that good (a lot of people were noisy and pasaway), it was worth watching. No wonder why Eugene Domingo won the Best Actress Award for this film. The movie ran for 1.5 hours, short but it didn’t miss a spot. It goes to show that a good script and talented actors are enough to make a movie work. FAVORITE LINE: “Itong full frontal nudity, check, Itong death defying scene check, Itong sex scene na may actual penetration, check na check! Gagawin ko ang lahat… wag nyo naman akong palusungin sa tae.” HAHAHA!!!! A dinner at Dencio’s Megastrip follwed for Ian’s Birthday Treat. Sisig, Gambas, Sinigang and other dishes were served. By the way, his Habibi was there too.

After dinner, we went startight to Music Match in Ortigas for Faith’s Birthday Bash. My friend James arrived there too to join the party. We had fun singing our hearts out while drinking beer. There was this girl there named Irish who sings so good and we were all entertained. But siyempre hindi kami nagpahuli ni Ian with our “Si Susan Africa” (Waka-Waka), “Singapore Binitay Si Flor” (On the Floor) and Spice Girls medley performances. Epic yun grabe!

So, calculating it, after a full shift, I was awake for another 18 hours! It was a bit tiring but I had so much fun especially with these guys. It was all worth it, and I cannot wait to meet up with them again. πŸ™‚


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