ON SHUTTING UP: Silence [sometimes] Is The Only Answer

There was a time when I was talking to a friend regarding a difficult situation that I were in and I remember her telling me these words: “Alam mo, di mo kailangan mag react. Minsan, silence is the best response”.

Last night, I got to thinking about my responses to different things and different situations. I was never the silent type. I always say what’s on my mind, and I sometimes don’t think about the words that come out of my mouth, especially when I’m angry. In my head, everything will be resolved by words – even hurtful words, if makipagsabayan ka.

It seems that with time, I have learned how to deal with my emotions, my actions, and my reactions. Many times, I chose to shut up and reflect about the situation, rather than launch to a word-rage. But when the situation calls for it, when I really need to say something, I let it out.

Ask yourself: Is it worth it? If you say no, then you know it’s smarter to keep the lid on. Speech is such powerful weapon sabi nga nila. But sometimes, being silent is more powerful, sometimes the best answer.


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