OOMPA! Going Greek at The Cafe Mediterranean

Tonight, Isaac was sent home since he’s not yet fit to work (YES, nainggit ako!). So, before his extra time-off, we decided to have dinner, since I came to work very early; and yes, I skipped gym again (Tama yan, dinner over gym!). He decided to bring me to The Café Mediterranean for dinner. Although this was not my first time to try Greek/Mediterranean food (He brought me to Cyma a couple of months ago, it was good, but Boo Boo said Café Med is better), I was psyched to try it. I believe Boo Boo when it comes to good food.

Cafe Med has a unique charm, and they have a casual, unpretentious look. I love the mediterranean ambiance, the paintings on the wall, and the sturdy wooden dining table (which makes me feel comfy, just like dining at our own table at home). The place was cozy, very laid back even. He asked me to open the menu and order the dish that looks and sounds good to me, and to my surprise, it was reasonably priced (P200-300/meal), not to mention the servers were fast and friendly. According to Isaac, “The thing about Greek food is that they are light, simple, no-fuzz, healthy food. It’s all about the burst of flavors. You’re supposed to eat it messy to truly enjoy the food”; and he was right.

Presenting, “My Greek Dining Experience”:

Greek Salad, Php 255.00
Fresh greens with olives & feta cheese. They call salads “Salata” in Greece. Its fresh, crunchy, and the vinegrette was tangy and sweet. I think it was lemon and vinegar. Very delicious – a nice way to start the meal.

Hummus, Baba Ghanoush and Kofta Platter, Php 220.00
This is so cute. It is a platter of three side dishes served with fresh pita bread. We chose Hummus: a classic garbanzo and sesame dip from the Middle East, Baba Ghanoush: also known as “moutabal” an eggplant and tahini dip and Kofta: three savory meatballs. My favorite was the Hummus.

Beef Gyro with Moroccan Rice Pilaf, Php 215.00
The rice has a certain kind of nut which added that extra crunch. The beef was tender and the plate has two side dishes and a dip; one was Baba Ghanoush, the other one, the one I liked, was green and herby, complete with Greek yogurt. When you eat this together, it’ll be an explosion of flavors. It was amazing!

Overall, it was a good Greek dining experience and I wanna thank Isaac for bringing me here. Just like what Isaac said “You dont have to be sosyal or rich to experience culture and good food, neither does it have to be expensive.” I enjoyed everything, definitely satisfying for a quick lunch or dinner. I will surely come back, bring some friends (or Boo Boo again) and maybe order a fish dish.

We finished it all off with two scoops of gelato from Gelatissimo. He ordered Forest Berries + Chocolate Truffles while I tried Lemon Cheesecake + Sugar-Free Chocolate. For a cup with two scoops, its only Php 160.00.

The Cafe Mediterranean
Stall 113, Ground Floor
Greenbelt 1, Ayala Center
Makati City


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