ON ATTITUDE: 6-Step “Tune Up” – Attitude Improvement Plan

Three weeks ago, I’ve attended a training here in the office called Excellence in Customer Service – Professionalism Course. This made me ask myself, “Why do I have to go through with this training? Do I not exhibit the standards of professional? Ha? Tell me! (Of course, medyo OA na yung reaction ko, pero nag push through pa din yung training).

In the middle of the lecture, we came across this lesson about ATTITUDE and the lecturer introduced to us the 6-Steps-Tune-Up-Attitude-Improvement-Plan. This piqued my interest, and I think, one way or another, we can all take something away from this. Our trainer mentioned, “Attitude is like driving a car, we have a responsibility to keep it in tune”. As you will see, each letter of the word TUNE UP corresponds to an action that we need to perform to improve our attitude. Let’s go through them:

6-Step “Tune Up” – Attitude Improvement Plan

T – Test : Test yourself when you get up in the morning and look outside. Even if it’s one of the worst days of the year, if you can say, “I’m going to make the best of this day because I feel good and have goals to accomplish”, you’ve passed the attitude self test. This is really based on self-discipline and your personal choice.

U – Use : Make use of your built in skills. We have the ability to make significant improvements in our attitude. One effective way is recognizing some of your great skills.

N – Network : Ideally, to help feed our attitude, we need to be around people that are positive, enthusiastic, energetic and goal oriented.

E – Empathize : When talking to someone, we also have a responsibility to focus our total energy to the speaker and approach the conversation from the other’s point of view.

U – Undertake : Improving our attitude is a conscious decision.

Earl Nightingale said that “You become what you think about”. If you think about having a bad day, guess what? You’ll have one! If you think about strengthening your attitude, you will! We need to take ownership of our attitude if we care about making an impact.

P – Persist : Strengthening your attitude is a life long journey. Make it your personal mission; it takes self-discipline, determination, and energy. If you keep your attitude in check, you will be better equipped to deal with life.

This lesson really hit me, and to tell you the truth, this was the only thing that I remembered during the whole teach; this is why I’m very excited to share this to all of you. Sometimes, it is healthy for us to individually check ourselves; this is the best way to realize the right or the wrong in our actions. Treating others well reflects how well we treat ourselves. You’ll discover that there is more to know about yourself, and inherently find the good in others.

There is no better day to start than today. 🙂


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