LET’S “PIN” – The New Social Site Called “Pinterest”

A couple of minutes ago, I was browsing my Twitter timeline when I saw this Tweet by Marie Claire fashion editor and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia:

“@ninagarcia: We tweet, Facebook, Tumblr,… Now we will need to add another social verb: “to pin””

I checked on the attached article and found out that its about this new social site called Pinterest. I jumped off my bed and did a little research about this upcoming site which, I’m pretty sure, some of us will love.

Pinterest evolved in the idea of “collecting”. It’s like hanging a board on the wall and tacking on photographs and pictures ripped out of magazines and, in this case, users can have an infinite number of virtual pin boards. Founders Ben Silbermann and Paul Sciarra would like to turn “collecting” into the latest online addiction, creating a place where users can collect – that is, pin – pictures of all the items they find and like on the Internet.

The things you collect say a lot about who you are. For example, you love to eat (like me), with Pinterest, you can create a pinboard of the food goodies that you like to eat for the next month. If you like to travel, you can create a pinboard and compile all the places you would like to visit one day. Or, if you like fashion, you can create a pinboard of all the clothes that you are planning to wear for summer. How cool is that huh? Here are some examples:

A food Pinterest pinboard.

A fashion Pinterest pinboard.

It’s also like Facebook and Twitter. Why? Because users can follow their friends and check out the latest items that friends have pinned. They can also “like” or “comment” on a pin and, if they see something on another person’s board that they also like, they can “re-pin” it to their own board. Also, users can add a description and, if applicable, the price and eventually, Pinterest could help shoppers purchase the items they discover through the site. Friends can also create boards together which would make it easier if you are working on a project, let say a wedding.

Sounds exciting right? Here’s the not so exciting news, Pinterest is not yet open to the public. The founders said they’re still focusing on building the site. The least that you can do for now is visit their website http://www.pinterest.com and click “Request An Invite” then they will send you an invite soon.

I’m not sure if how will people respond to this. For me, it would be fun to create a website where you can create pinboards of interests and share it with people with the same taste, but just like Facebook and Twitter, it would hinder people to know what other people’s interests are in person, because it’s all out there in the open, making our lives an open book for everyone to see. But I’m sure all of us will have different ways on using this site so it’s still worth trying.

Just got my invite. Yey! Follow me http://www.pinterest.com/donpredilla



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