4 NEW MODERN BRANCHES: McDonald’s Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

Ok, so I heard that McDonald’s will be celebrating their 30th anniversary here in the Philippines. Let’s all admit it, Jollibee is “sariling atin”, but most of us love McDonald’s more, especially their world-famous FRIES. Put your hands up if you agree with me! 🙂

So, I’ve been hearing rumors that there will be an interesting event happening on September 30th as they will re-open up four different branches in the metro, all with new and modern designs. Its like 4 different braches opening simultaneously, defintely a first for McDonald’s Philippines. Upon hearing this, I became curious about their “new look”; will it be futuristic? A farm-inspired perhaps? Or an eco-friendly and energy efficient one? What do you guys think?

Upon doing an intensive research, I found out that McDonald’s Makati Cinema Square, Greenhills, North Avenue, and Quezon Avenue will once again open its doors to customers, bearing new modern designs setting the tone for the next 30, 60, 90 years of McDonald’s in the country. According to them, the 4 braches will have stylish furniture, colorful interiors, and dynamic graphics that perfectly suit the tastes and style of the modern Pinoy.

McDonald’s will also be giving away freebies, limited edition 30th Anniversary premium items with live performances from the UP Pep Squad (Makati Cinema Square) and FEU Cheering Squad (Quezon Avenue) to bring customers right at the heart of the festivities – all this happening on September 30!

So if you are free on Friday and you’re near those four stores, too bad I’m not because of work, go ahead and visit McDonald’s anniversary stores and join the celebration of three decades of great-tasting food, excellent service, and, now, a whole new kind of dining experience.

“Love ko to!”, I know love mo din. 🙂


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