The Taste Of Marche @ 313 Somerset, Singapore

If there’s one dining experience that I won’t forget during my time in Singapore, it will be that night when me and Isaac met up with my friend Ruvie and her husband TJ to dine at that Swiss restaurant called Marche. Let me tell you why.

Marche at 313 Somerset is just one of the branches scattered all over Singapore. It resembles an organized market where you get your fresh picks of the day. Here in Manila, I would say that it’s somewhat close to Salcedo Market but its indoors.

By the way, expect that most of the time, you will fall in line and wait to be seated. But I’m telling you, the wait is all worth it. Upon entry, you are given a card (like a credit/ATM card) that is swiped every time you order from the food stations — salad, dessert, bread, roasts, pasta, rosti, drinks, etc. The beauty of this resto is the availability of fresh food and the ease of choosing your meal as most of them are being made right in front of you. If the food is readily available, you get it right away. If not, like in the case of pizza and rosti, you give your card to be swiped, then wait in line while the food is being prepared or you’ll be given a device which will automatically alarm, signaling that your food is ready. How cool is that huh? When you’re finished eating, you surrender the card, and pay for whatever is recorded in it.

Sayang, I wanted to take more photos pa naman. Kaso lang there was a note on the wall that says photography is not allowed. Sabi ko, hindi pwede since I wanna share it with you guys, so I became a paparazzi for that day! Also, I found some pics on the net, just for you to picture it a bit.

Here’s what we had:

The freshest Caesar Salad. The best Caesar I had so far!

The freshest Margherita Pizza that was baked in a traditional brick oven with fresh tossed dough.

This is a Swiss tradition called Rosti. Its grated potatoes cooked in olive oil, topped with sour cream and egg. You can put sausages too if you like.

Freshly hand squeezed Orange Juice.

And of course, dessert! This is their Strawberry and Dragon Fruit Panna Cotta.

The total bill for me and Isaac was SGD $56.00, not bad for a dinner for two. I really had fun here and of course, seeing my friend Ruvie and TJ too. So for you guys who will visit SG soon, or those who will come back, go visit Marche and experience this one of a kind dining activity.



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