A VINTAGE CHARM: Dinner at Escolta, The Peninsula Manila

I really love surprises.

It was at 4:30 PM today when I woke up to meet Isaac at Ayala Triangle Gardens. Today marks our 3rd Month as a couple and we wanted to have a simple celebration dinner, besides, we’re just gonna do it during his lunch break. So at 6:30 PM, I was waiting for him to arrive.

When he arrived, he immediately asked me if it’s ok if we pick up some gift certificates first at The Peninsula Manila for his boss. I still had a lot of time so we went there. We arrived at the Escolta, went straight to the receptionist and he handed out these two envelopes to her. Then the receptionist said “Good evening Sir, welcome to Escolta, where do you want to be seated?” I was clueless so I asked him “Huh? Bakit tayo uupo?” he replied “Dito tayo mag dinner”.

What can I say, he did his magic again. I was surprised since all this time, I thought were just gonna have BonChon, Banapple or Kanin Club for dinner.

Escolta is one accessible buffet restaurant inside The Peninsula Manila Hotel. I heard the price per head is around Php 1,500 – I didn’t know because Isaac did not tell me. The buffet was filled with Spanish and Japanese delights and I knew that tonight, we will over eat! Let’s celebrate! Oh well, let’s just go to what he had for dinner.

We started our dinner with a selection of freshly baked bread with Pate, Cheese Pimiento, and Butter spreads.

There was a Japanese food area where sushi and sashimi are available. Also, there was a display of fresh seafood: Oysters, Shrimps, and Mussels. I got three different kinds of sushi, shrimps, and I just loved dipping them into Kikkoman with Wasabi. Isaac’s favorite sashimi was sliced fresh in front of us and also, you can choose from Tuna, Salmon, and another fish (I forgot the name).

My Japanese plate. Yum!

Isaac’s Sashimi. It’s his favorite.

For the main dish, we went to the Spanish food area and asked the chef to make us Paella with Chicken and Shrimp. It was delicious.

Here’s my plate, Spanish Omelet, Spicy Potatoes, Roasted Pork, Pork and Chorizo Skewers, Bacon and Shrimp with Pimiento and a piece of Oyster (it was my first time and I must say, I really don’t like slimy raw food) :).

Isaac and I almost had the same plate, except he had these giant Calamares. Hey boo, you’re allergic to Squid right? Tsk Tsk!

The dessert area is the one I’m most excited about. Escolta had lots of items to offer to people with a sweet tooth. There was a Chocolate Fondue, a wide array of brownies and cakes, a selection of Filipino sweets like Buko Pandan, Buko Pie, Buchi, Turon, and Bibingka, and an Ice cream bar. It felt like I was in heaven already.

My dessert plate. Blueberry Tart, Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie, Lemon Meringue, Pomelo-Kiwi-Orange, and a scoop of Ferrero and Strawberry Ice cream.

Isaac had Melons, Grapes, Kiwi drizzled with melted chocolate and Ferrero Rocher ice cream.

We ended the night with a glass of fresh OJ, coffee and Chamomile Tea for me.

Isaac really has his ways of making me happy. Thank you boo! Truly, It was an experience that I won’t forget. 🙂


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