30-MINUTE WORKOUT: Circuit Training at the 360˚ Fitness Club

It is true that “Fitness is not a chore, it’s a choice”. Yeah, like come on, who doesn’t want to be happy, fit, and healthy. However, there are lot of factors why some people don’t get up and exercise: Time, they are busy and pre-occupied with their personal schedule, Membership fees, high-end gyms required a very high membership fees in order to avail all the facilities and programs, Motivation, not determined and doesn’t have the drive and Routine, routine exercises appears boring and too tiring. But what if I tell you that there’s a new fitness place that would change all that?

It was a one boring night shift when my friend Richard told me about this new fitness place that opened its newest branch a couple of blocks away from our office building. It’s called 360° Fitness Club. He immediately gave me the link and I, with much excitement, researched about the gym and guess what, we had our “Free Trial” a while ago.

The whole idea behind the 360° Circuit Training session is to incorporate a full body workout in just 30 minutes. You go around 20 exercise stations (10 active and 10 active rest stations) in 30 minutes. You spend 30 seconds per station. The fitness club does not rely on heavy machines; they believed that, “Machines limit the body’s range of motion and the number of exercise it can do. Most exercise machines force us to sit down while working out, that takes your core out of the equation.”

The 10 active stations has either weights in the form of dumbbells or balls, mats for floor exercises, a TRX suspension cable, and so forth. The 10 active rest stations have a trampoline, a pair of hurdles, or just a pair of stickers to indicate that you should jog in place. After the warm –up, you exercise non-stop by going around all the stations in 10 minutes. Per station, you will be given a 30 second time allowance to do the exercise. After completing one round, you do it again twice, making it a 30-minute full body workout. You don’t need a timer for this since they have their own “playlist” playing in the background which autmatically reminds you when to move to the next station.

The 360° Circuit Training combines cardiovascular and strengthening exercises. It’s suggested that you do it at least 3x a week in order to get the full benefits. Aside from circuit training they also have special classes for Hip Hop, Body Jam, Yoga, Pole Dancing, Latin Dance, TRX training, etc.

The workout reminded me so much of my high school days when I was in training for a CAT Officer. There was a sergeant (coach) telling you how to do the exercises and the 30 minutes felt more like the 2 hours I spend at my previous gym. Muscles I didn’t know existed were sore (until now while I’m typing this), my heart rate was up until I was about to go to sleep, and I had already been sweating like a pig from the first 10 minutes of the circuit (at my previous gym, I needed to run 30 minutes before I would start to sweat). It’s a one of a kind work-out and exercising the whole body for 30 minutes was really cool, especially for us people on the go. It really felt good! That’s why we got the one year membership (P 2,090 per month).

I would recommend this for people who are too busy to insert a physical activity in their daily schedules and those gym-goers who would like to try something new. If you want to try it first, you can just call or walk-in to avail of a free trial 360° Circuit Training session.

Hope to see you there! 🙂

360˚ Fitness Club Ortigas
13th Floor, Strata 100 Bldg.
F. Ortigas Jr. Road [formerly Emerald Ave.]
Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City
[t] 577.7807
[m] 0917.560.0360
[e] 360fitness@completethecircuit.com

360˚ Fitness Club Makati
7th floor, 107 Dolmar Gold TowerC. Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
[t] 940.9575
[m] 0917.860.0360
Duo: 02 623.0911
[e] 360fitness@completethecircuit.com


2 thoughts on “30-MINUTE WORKOUT: Circuit Training at the 360˚ Fitness Club

  1. Hello,

    I was searching about 360Fitness Club and found your post so i read it. It was informative for me since I am interested in joining the club and this Saturday ill be having a free trial.

    Do you think that their30-min circuit trainings are effective enough for weight loss?


    • Hi AJ,

      Thank you for reading. Yes, I must say that the circuit is very effective. I lost 15 pounds in 3 months (with cheat days). Its an all body workout and you only need 30 minutes!

      But of course, you need to combine 360 with proper diet. Good luck and I hope you’ll like the circuit training! 🙂

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