THAI FOOD CRAVINGS: Don’s Instant Pad Thai

My food cravings are crazy.

Last Monday, I’ve decided to give in to my cravings, went to the nearest grocery store, and look for the ingredients for a popular staple food in Thailand, Pad Thai.

I suddenly remembered my first encounter with Thai food. It was when me and my very good friend Ian walked the streets of Bangkok, just moments after we checked-in in our Hotel to have dinner. We saw this street with small restaurants with chairs outside full of people happily eating. The guy gave us the menu and we ordered Pad Thai and Mango Salad. That’s when I fell in love with it.

20111124-134419.jpg My First Pad Thai, taken last July 31 in Bangkok.

It was unfogettable. Stir-fried rice noodles with eggs, fish sauce, tamarind juice, red chilli pepper, bean sprouts, garnished with crushed peanuts, coriander and lime. You can also choose between shrimp, chicken, or tofu to add to it. That alone proved that Thai food is quite good.

Let’s go back to the grocery store. Ofcourse I wouldn’t be able to get the exact mix of those ingredients since not everything is available here. So, as much as I dont want to, I went for the next best thing… INSTANT. Yes, I found this instant Pad Thai in the grocery store which the package includes rice noodles and that special ready to cook sauce in a pouch. All you need is to add the vegetables and meat. I tried it yesterday and I’m gonna share how did I do it.


By: The Lazy Don Predilla

You will need:

1 pack Kitchen 88 Instant Pad Thai (complete with rice noodles and sauce)
12 pcs. Peeled and deveined Shrimps
1 pc. Egg
Handful of Bean Sprouts
Handful of roasted Peanuts
1 Tbsp. Chili Sauce
3 Tbsp. Oil
Half of Lime

Ok, lets do this:

1. Cook the rice noodles in 4 cups of boiling water until al dente. Roughly 3-4 minutes. Set aside.

2. In a wok, heat the oil, cook the shirmps until they turn orange in color.

3. Add the egg and mix it.

4. Empty the contents of the sauce pouch. Mix. Add the chilli sauce and the bean sprouts and peanuts.

5. Add the noodles and stir-fry it. Put in a plate and garnish with crushed peanuts and lime.

Tadaaaaah! And thats your instant Pad Thai. So easy huh? A pacakge serves two.


Now, it was not that close to what I first tasted in Bangkok, but its good. The tamarindy and peanuty taste was there and the noodles were just perfect. Overall, it was a nice “give in to your cravings” moment.

Kŏr hâi jà-rern aa-hăan! (Bon Appetit!) 🙂


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