JUST SHARING: I’m Thinking Of Having A Break From Facebook

YES, I AM A SELF CONFESSED FACEBOOK ADDICT. I check my account every now and then, upon waking up, before going to sleep, while eating, while in the bathroom, while talking to someone etc.

“Since my life has been an open book, no one wants to read it anymore”

This quote hit me today. In addition to that, my friend Lester have decided to deactivate his Facebook account. I asked him why and he just said “Gusto ko lang na magkaroon ng katahimikan, na pag-dedma sa pinaggagagawa ng iba, at para hndi binabaha ng notifications, invites, at kung ano-ano pa”.

Actually, it makes sense.

A couple of months ago, I thought of having a Facebook Hiatus to have break from all these craziness. Today, I tried listing the reasons why:

I AM DISTRACTED – Having an iPhone, I can check my Facebook anytime, anywhere, and anyday. Here at work, we are allowed to browse from time to time and that’s the point. With all my access to the site, every notification distracts me from what I’m doing at work. Kasi feeling ko, if I don’t respond now, it won’t be as much fun later. And let’s admit it, its the notifications that keep us coming back for more correct? It’s very tempting! The result? I couldn’t concentrate on the tasks that I need to do and worst, I don’t do it well. Tsk!

SILENT GET TOGETHERS – When friends go for a coffee or dinner, they should be talking to each other about the things that happened to them the whole day/week. I just observed that some people, when they arrive at the venue, they automatically pull out their smart phones and update people where they are and whom they are with, which in fact, no one really cares. Then the circle will be in total silence. It happens. (I’m guilty too).

NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT – Sometimes, when I’m very excited to see someone because I wanna tell him/her something, they are not curious or excited about it anymore. Why? Because they have already seen everything on Facebook kasi I’ve already posted it, and vice-versa. So the whole meeting becomes awkward with nothing to talk about anymore. I really miss hanging out with friends and talking to them in person. That’s more fun I guess.

NEGA-STARS – A lot of people use Facebook to complain, release their anger, attack people without confronting them, posting negative comments, etc. Some people are even out there to get sympathy, post their personal problems online and post “PATAMA Quotes”. It’s quite annoying and I’m just tired of it. I did this too before, but I’m glad that I was able to overcome it. (Ironic since I guess this is a type of complaint too?). Oh well.

GET RID OF THAT “OBLIGED” FEELING – Now I actually feel like I’m obliged to check my account and respond to every notification and I dont want that feeling anymore. Maybe I just need a quiet time.

On the contrary, Facebook is a great way to connect with people you already know especially when they are miles away, like my Mom (although my Mom has Twitter and she can call us anytime). Also, I get some of my blog readers from Facebook and its fun to share my latest discoveries with them.

I’m still thinking about it though. Maybe I’ll give myself a day or two.


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