KOKOLOGY #002: The Ride Of Your Life


So, how was your first KOKOLOGY game? Surprised on how true the interpretation of your answers were? Trust me, it was a jaw dropping experience for me too. Now who’s up for some more?

As promised, here’s the second KOKOLOGY game for you to answer. This one is one of my favorites and speaks the most truth about me in this aspect of life. You’ll know why later.

Goodluck on your next self discovery.

The Ride Of Your Life

How do you bring thrills into your lives? Watching movies, traveling, playing sports and games of chance. Or maybe a trip to an amusement park, a world where thrills mingle with fantasies. Let’s take a trip back to that realm of childhood excitement and fun.

1. You enter the park gate, the roller coaster looms before you with a line of people waiting their turn. How long do you have to wait in line before getting to ride?

2. Your turn finally comes and now you’re racing and plunging around the course. What kinds of feelings does the speed bring out in you?

3. At the most exciting point in the course, the roller coaster dives into a pool of water and you’re drenched by the spray. What do you shout or scream at this instant?

4. Next you decide to try the Merry-Go-Round. But during your ride, for some reason the horse you’re riding breaks down and stops moving. What do you say to the horse?

5. Your ride on the roller coaster was exciting, but it wasn’t all that it could have been. If you were going to design the perfect roller coaster, what would the course look like?

Did you have a good time in the park? In psychological terms, rhythmical up-and-down motions represent SEXUAL EXCITEMENT. So your responses to the five questions actually show your attitudes toward sex.

1. The time you spend waiting in line reveals how much time you spend, or would like your partner to spend, on foreplay. Did you have to stand in line for hours before the main event, or did you just jump aboard without waiting?

2. Your feelings during the roller-coaster ride reveal how you feel while making love. Did you think, “This is the best ride I’ve ever been on!” or was your reaction closer to, “Get me off this thing! I think I’m gonna throw up!”

3. In Jungian symbolism, water represents the source of life. Your words at the moment the roller coaster splashed into the pool show what you might say at the moment of sexual climax.

4. The horse, in psychosexual terms, is a symbol of the masculine principle. Your words to your broken-down steed reflect what you might say to yourself or to your partner in situations where the man failed to rise to the occasion. “It’s all right, don’t worry about it. It’s only a ride.” You have a truly gentle and forgiving nature. “Come on you stupid animal, giddyap!” Yikes!

5. Your plan for the ideal roller-coaster course shows your vision of the perfect sex life. The ups and downs of a roller-coaster ride are an exact metaphor for the thrills and lulls of lovemaking. Was it a long, slow ascent followed by a terrifying plunge? A series of acrobatic loop-the-loop and 360-degree rolls? Or maybe you drew a course where you spend the whole ride turned upside down and backward?

So, how were you during sex? 😉


2 thoughts on “KOKOLOGY #002: The Ride Of Your Life

  1. oh, man….
    30 minutes,
    excitement, anticipation
    “it’s okay, we’ll get you fixed”
    long climb, fast decent, backwards.

    Well that says it all I think.

  2. here we go…
    1) about an hour
    2) excitement
    3)”Oh my god!” (happily)
    4)”Are you kidding me?!”
    5) a lot of drops and loops

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