My KIMCHI Chronicles: Day One (하나)

Anneyoung! Welcome to My Kimchi Chronicles! My everyday adventures here in Seoul. Let’s get started.

So we just arrived here in Seoul and despite the flight delays (because of Typhoon Gener) and the long 4 hour flight (the longest I’ve been on a plane), I was still excited to reach our destination. Seoul is a great city as what they say. Here’s some reasons why.

AIRPORT: Incheon International Airport
One word: LOVELY! Easy to navigate, clear signs, friendly staff and most of all, clean! It took us like 20 minutes to get out and a cab was waiting for us. Though we missed the AREX express train that could have brought us to the city. But overall, its one of the best airports I’ve been. Got no photo, Google it nalang.

Koreans love being connected, to the www that is! So, to prevent GLOBE’s overcharging on data plan, I’ve decided to rent my own unlimited internet that I can bring anywhere from this provider SRoaming for only 3,000 pesos! That’s for the whole duration of my stay. Definitely cheaper than Globe’s overcharged rates. Here’s a photo:

My Pocket WiFI

My Pocket WiFI

Yes! The cab has a GPS installed into his car! Amazing! We just told him the address, typed it in and the screen showed him the route that he would take. And I was watching the screen the whole time. Super astig yun!

OUR HOME: Namsan Guest House
I found this on the internet and read good reviews that’s why we stayed here. Reservation was online, payment upon arrival. Very cozy, has free bbreakfast, internet, laundry, international call, PC usage and bath tub. Staff is very accomodating and allowed us to pay partial since we don’t have KRWs yet. So far, our stay here is worthwhile. Will tell you about it the next couple of days.

Our room key

Our room key

WEATHER: Wrong timing!
August is the start of summer here in Seoul. Tsk! When we arrived, its 29 degrees and hot. Best time to be here is winter. But yeah, not complaining. Room has aircon and floor heating system.

So far so good. We’ll see tomorrow. That’s it for now. See you!



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