My KIMCHI Chronicles: Day Two (둘)

Anneyoung haseyo! Its our second day here in Seoul and its hot! Summer weather here is hotter than Manila. Too bad I only have two shorts with me. Anyway, let’s start with the tour.

Myeondong: The Shopping MeccaIts is considered as Korea’s Trendiest Shopping area with stores ranging from clothes to beauty products (Koreans love make up and cosmetics). The alley was very busy and people were shopping here and there. Its very near our hotel so we went here first. Here are photos I took from Myeongdong:

Movie Time: The Dark Night Rises
We were unable to watch it when we were in Manila, so following our travel tradition of watching films in foreign countries, we went to this cinema called Tabby and bought tickets for the Batman movie. Its 8000 KRW (around 300 pesos) per person. We bought a set movie snack with soda, popcorn and hotdog for 10,000 KRW. Their movie house was small, clean and has very comfortable seats. I had fun watching Korean commercials before the feature presentation. Very funny! Good thing the movie was in english.

Off to the peak: N Seoul Tower
After the movie, we went back to the house to freshen up (my shirt was all sweaty). We checked the map and noticed that the N Seoul Tower was just near our place so we went. It was like a 5-minute walk from our house. So to reach the top, we rode the Cable Car. Short ride, quite crowded and worst, no aircon! Upon reaching the top, we went to a series of stairs going up to the main base of the tower. we stopped to have soda and ice cream to cool down. From here, you can see the entire city. I bet it looks good at night but we don’t wanna stay for long. Instead, we gave our fair share of korean cheesiness, aka placing a padlock on the N Seoul Tower’s terrace.

Up to the N Seoul Tower

This activity is ver famous for lovers. The terrace was full of padlocks with love notes on them. It would be nice (and cheesy) to be a part of it so we bought a couple padlock and pens for 12000 KRW, wrote something on it and locked it on the terrace overlooking the city of Seoul. Come on guys, its something that you can’t do everyday right? And its also our anniversary so might as well do the ritual. 🙂

Galbi Night: A Fantastic Korean Dinner
We were starving when we left the Tower. Good thing there’s a restaurant just below the cable car building. With no idea what to eat, we went straight to the table and ordered. We noticed that the table has its own grill so we ordered Galbi. Galbi usually consists of marinated beef, a basket of lettuce, and a wide array of Korean side dishes. I have no idea how they are called aside from Kimchi ofcourse. When we’re about to eat, the waitress taugh us how to eat it: so you place the beef on the grill, get a piece of lettuce, put the side dish of your choice, put the beef, then spices, wrap it like lumpia and eat. And I’m telling you, IT WAS DAMN GOOD! We kept on asking for lettuce and side dish refills and they generously gave it to us. There are a lot of restaurants here in Seoul and tomorrow, we’ll try some Bulgogi! Yeah!

Our Galbi Dinner


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