My KIMCHI Chronicles: Day Three (셋)


Sorry for the late post. 🙂

So we’ve dedicated our third day in experiencing Korean culture by learning how to make thier staple food. What do you think is it? KIMCHI of course!

I saw this school over the internet, its called Kimchi Academy House which allows people to learn Korean history and culture through kimchi, offering kimchi making guided by a professional kimchi instructor. The good thing about this class is that participants can taste the kimchi they made, have it packed up, and take it overseas.


We had an appointment made though since they have to schedule you to their classes. When we arrived there, we were the only ones attending the “English” class. We had the whole school just for the both of us.

Our instructor’s name was Toni (that’s her english name). She was very kind to ask us where are we from and what do we do. Then she gave us our apron (by the way, they have different aprons for men and women) asked us to go to our designated places so that we can start.


Kimchi is very easy to make (provided that you have all the ingredients with you. It must be Korean so that it will be true-to-the-taste) but I think it takes time to complete. The lettuce that we used was already salted (which makes it so so so crunchy). Then we just have to slice the radish, spring onions and chives julienne style. Mix it with all these ingredients: Korean chili powder, sugar, fish sauce, korean shrimp paste, ginger and curry, glutinous rice flour mixed with water, and sesame seeds, spread it on the lettuce, and wrap it all together and wolla! Your own kimchi!


She then packed it and said that we need to refrigirate it so that it could last for months. It was also sealed, making it easy for us to bring it to Manila for our friends and family to taste.


After the class, she had us try Hanboks, Korean traditional clothing for picture taking. The Hanboks were lightweight and presko.


We also asked her to write a mini poster for our friend Ian who celebrated his birthday that day. She was very nice to do it for us. By the way, we had her write it first on a sheet of paper, then we re-write it ourselves. Not bad for a first timer huh?


That’s it! I’m already sleepy! Haha! Annyonghi jumushipsiyo! (Goodnight!)


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