My KIMCHI Chronicles: Day Four (넷)

Hello! Welcome to another edition of My Kimchi Chronicles. Charot!

Alright, so last Friday was a long day for us. We visited like four major districts in Seoul. Let’s get started.

We went to Insadong first to look around and for lunch. Insadong is known as the art capital of Seoul with a huge number of art stores and galleries at every corner. Its one allley of stores selling souvenirs from clothes to other crafty pieces. The hot weather is crazy so we stopped at a Lemonade stall to freshen up.

The street of Insadong. A lot of art galleries and art pieces everywhere.

Isaac enjoying his Lemonade on a hot summer day.

The lemonade stall was so desperate to have customers.

This is how they pack their drinks. How neat!

We then felt “the hunger games” so we went restaurant hunting. In Insadong, there aren’t much restaurants with english signs so we just went with our guts and entered this small eskinita and found a nice Korean restaurant. Menu was in korean so we just pointed what looked good. Apparently, we ordered Bibimbap and Bulgogi.

I’m not sure what’s the name of this restaurant, but its very affordable and food was delicious!

After lunch, we stopped by 7 Eleven and found these Melon Ice Cream bars which is also Isaac’s favorite. And yeah, it was good.

Melon Ice Cream on a stick for 2,000 KRW

Me enjoying Korean ice cream goodness!

Lotte World
We then went to Lotte Mall, a huge complex consisting of a mall, a hotel and the biggest indoor theme park, Lotte World. Yes, we still have our young boy self inside us and we always want to go to theme parks when we travel. We bought our ticket from a self-selling ticket machine to avoid the long queue.

First, we went to the kiddie part of Lotte World. It has a huge ice skating rink and a number of kiddie rides. Its kinda crowded, maybe because its indoors. Then we went to the adult part of the park called Magic Island.

The huuuuuggggeee ice skating rink!

Magic Island is an extension of the indoor park. At 4PM, the summer heat is still killing us. Its a bit crowded too and the queue to the rides were the longest lines I’ve seen. Imagine, Isaac waited in line for the ride called Atlantis for almost 1 hour! But we still waited so that he can enjoy the ride. After that, with our wet sweaty shirts, we gave up and decided to move on.

The 6-year old in us! Yipeeee!

That’s Isaac on the roller coaster. he’s in front, with his mouth opened.

By the way, we saw some funny business signs along the way.

“A Twosome Place”. So bawal ang threesome?

“Wholesome Roast and Grill”. So may bastos na roast and grill?

We went to Itaewon for dinner. Here we go again. Itaewon is known as the foreigner friendly district of Seoul because of the huge number of foreigners staying at the different hotels there. Here you can also find restaurants offering international cuisines; from italian, american, french, spanish, and others (finally!). So we went around and found this small restaurant called Boiling Crab which serves southern american/new orleans style seafood. The owner was very kind to accomodate us.

Here’s a view of Itaewon (borrowed photo).

The “Boiling Crab” restaurant

We ordered one of their specialties. A mix of seafood and other stuff; shrimp, clams, mussels, corn, potatoes, sausages, all in one pot/bag with a korean style new orleans spicy sauce. We paired it with ice cold Coca Cola and Dr. Pepper. Here, they give you wet tissues and a small bucket since you’re gonna eat with your hands (no spoon and fork) on the table (yes no plates) covered with wax paper. Sounds like fun huh? Well it is. We finished the whole bag! It was a seafood overload!

Our meal came from this big plastic bag of seafood goodness. Look below for a clearer photo.

Borrowed photo

Myeongdong (again)
After dinner, we’ve decided to go to Myeongdong, Seoul’s shopping district to have desserts. Walking its narrow alleys, we found this ice cream stall selling like a 12-inch long soft ice crean on a cone. Yes! It was that long! You can also choose from flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or, you can combine two or three.

Me and my loooonnnggg ice cream. I had Chocolate Strawberry.

Isaac and his loooonnnggg ice cream. He had Chocolate Vanilla.

We then head back to the guesthouse to have the most inexpensive treat that we can have… SLEEP.


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