The Roots of BonChon: Two Two Fried Chicken

Let me tell you about this place where we had dinner last night.

What a cute logo!

Just a couple of steps from our hotel was Two Two Fried Chicken, a small restaurant selling authentic korean fried chicken in Myeongdong, Seoul. I think this is the original BonChon that we have today in Manila. I also found out that Two Two Fried Chicken is one of the leading brands in Korea with over 500 stores. I like their logo too. Very cute!

Just a few steps from our hotel.

The place was nice; small but not crowded. Good thing about the place is that although the staff were Koreans, they speak a little English. Their menu is also written in English, which made the whole ordering experience much much easier.

We ordered their “Half Original and Half with Sweet & Spicy Chicken” for 16,000 KRW, which is already good for two. We also ordered french fries (and by the way, it was the biggest single serving of french fries that I’ve seen).

Instead of kimchi, they also served us a complimentary side dish of pickled radish. Isaac liked the taste, but not the smell of it.

To beat the spiciness.

The chicken was delicious…crispy and juicy but not drenched in grease. The side dish was of lettuce drizzled with mayo and tomato ketchup.

The Half Original chicken.

The Half Sweet & Spicy chicken.

A huuuugggeee serving of french fries!

After doing some research, I found out that the Korean method of cooking chicken involves a double process. First, the chickens are deep fried once, then set aside to cool. Once you place your order these delicious chickens are then put back into the fryer and this process in a way removes the fat from the skin, resulting in a “thin, crackly and almost transparent” crust.

All together now!

I also read that we already have Two Two Fried Chicken in Manila somewhere in Ortigas.

I will recommend this to you guys when you visit Seoul. You know, just to experience the roots of Korean fried chicken.


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