My KIMCHI Chronicles: Day Five (다섯)

Of course, our trip would not be complete without visiting our sister’s in Seoul, the Korean Gay Community.

That’s right, in a city where its hard to differentiate our sisters from the straight ones, they do have a small place in the city specifically in Itaewon where they can mingle with their fellow dolls, be free and have fun. Just amazing!

Homo Hill (Borrowed photo since my camera phone can’t take good photos in the dark)

The place is called Homo Hill (Too obvious, right? By the way, it has a twin hill called “Hooker Hill” for straight fellas). It’s an upward alley with bars from left to right playing loud music of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncé and others. We went there last Saturday night of course when people are expected to flock the hill.

Lets get the party started! (Borrowed photo since my camera phone can’t take good photos in the dark)

There were a couple of bars in Homo Hill. By judging the bar’s facade, I think if you want to dance the night away, then you go to Queen, Soho, or Why Not. But if you prefer to have a quiet drink with friends before getting the party started then drop by Always Homme.

So we went to Soho first and I think we were there very early. The very cute dancing waiter took our order and he was dancing while serving our drinks. They even gave us complimentary pretzels and glow-in-the-dark bracelets. Then, the people started to come in, all different nationalities. After Isaac finished three bottles of Cass (Korean local beer) and I finished my Margarita and Apple Martini, we started to dance!

We then transferred to Queen where all the crazy dancing happened. We both went up the small ledge and danced like there’s no tomorrow. Who cares, they don’t know us! Haha! Then we started to feel tired and went home.

The gay men of Korea is quite different to us, they are not as upfront and forward about their intention. You would catch a discreet side-glance every now and then, or a slight nudge on the dance floor. But that’s about it. They would stare at you the entire night if they have to, but you’ll have to be the one to approach them. If anything though, it was very entertaining to watch them party. It felt like they have been captured by a resolve to make sure they sweat out all of the week’s turmoil – it’s as if there’s always a dance showdown (no matter how awkward some of them moved).

I think Korea’s gay community is still discreet compared to the one that we have in Manila (or the one that we have Spain as Isaac aptly describes it to me), but I’m glad that they have this place where they can be themselves and enjoy being free, happy, and queer!

We had so much fun in Homo Hill our “Seoul” sisters! More power to the gay people of Korea! Paws up, cause you we were born this way!

Getting there
Itaewon subway station exit 3. Walk straight until you reach the intersection. Turn right and walk up the hill. Cross the road when you see the second street on your left (Homo Hill). Walk up the hill. Trance is on the left hand side next to Queen.


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