My KIMCHI Chronicles: Day Six (여섯)


Before I start, I just wanna give out a big THANK YOU for everyone who read my last blog and prayed for the safety of my country and my fellow Filipinos who remained strong during the recent calamity we faced. Truly, it proved that the Filipino spirit is waterproof!

Alright, so I stopped blogging about my trip for a while and now, here are my entries for my last two days in Seoul. Let’s start!

Cheonggyecheon Stream

We woke up very late, like 2:00 PM and we’ve just decided to go to one place and have dinner. Besides, the heat of summer is killing us still.


Seoul is much like any other major metropolis: traffic, people, and tall buildings. However, running right through the heart of the city is a little piece of nature called the Cheonggyecheon Stream. Its a man made stream in the middle of the city’s business district which consists of bridges, stepping stones, and an impressive waterfall. Its kinda nice to hear the rushing waters in this part of the city and I heard that there are always lot of events going on here, from small open concerts to exhibitions.

During steamy summer days (like right now) in Seoul, people gather here to hang out and cool off. When we arrived, we saw people dipping their feet in the stream and relaxing. The water is clean by the way, and guards were everywhere to make sure that no one throws any kind of litter on it. Its like a temporary relief from the heat of Seoul summers. Here are some photos:


When you see this lovely spiral structure, your at the start of the stream.ImagePeople dip their feet here. The water is clean!ImageSometimes we just need a hand to keep our balance. Sometimes it’s just fun doing it with a friend!ImageGetting in the way of this kid! 🙂

Very nice place! For me, Cheonggyecheon Stream is a great place to hang out with friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, or family.

After this one, we cant stand the heat anymore and we were starving. So we went home, but stopped by Myeongdong for dinner. We’ve decided to check out this restaurant named “24 OPEN Korean Cuisine”, a 24-hour restaurant which serves Korean dishes (Korean barbecue) and run by Japanese staff.


We had Galbi!


Sik-ssa-reul a-ju ma-sit-kke meo-geot-sseum-ni-da.
(I enjoyed the meal very much.)

I like the restaurant because you can sit on the floor while eating. Me and Isaac think that this was the best restaurant we’ve had dinner so far.


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