Things I’ll Miss About South Korea

Seoul offered me a lot of different and unique experiences that I’m finding hard to replicate in Manila. There were just some things that I came to adore about Seoul — things I wish Manila would pick up. Here are a few things that I’ll surely miss.

Fastest Internet in the World

Nope, I’m not kidding! South Koreans enjoy the fastest connection speed in the world! That’s why when I went there, I got my own pocket Wi-Fi so that I can enjoy the internet anywhere I go.Isaac watched a couple of series too when we were there. Just amazing!

Korean BBQ

Galbi, our favorite dinner when we were there. The tender beef ribs, the grill, and the wide array of side dishes; Kimchi, Sineumchi Namul (Koream spinach), Kim (Seasoned roasted seeweed), Baek Kimchi (White kimchi), Gouchujang (Soy bean paste), Sukjunamul (marinated bean sprouts) etc. I’m planning to do a Korean dinner with my friends in the next few weeks. πŸ™‚


Yes! Of all the cities I’ve been, I can say that Seoul has the best taxis! Some are equipped with WiFi and all of them has GPS, which is totally and completely AWESOME, by the way. There were also taxis specifically for foreigners which makes going around the city not a problem since drivers can speak and understand English. Such a convenience!

Korean Cuteness Overload

Their music, their business signs, their stores, and their boys! Korea is the place for cuteness. Everyone you look at, you can see it. Like everywhere, in stores, and on the people, old and young alike, male and female. Everyone seems to like things that are cute.

Cuteness was also in heir TV shows and commercials! I don’t understand what they were saying, but it made me smile! Take these two for example:

And this one is our favorite! The hottest K-POP idols have participated in a special project to cheer for the 2012 London Olympics.


Subway System

Its cheap, clean and efficient. Seoul subway system is all connected with nine main lines which makes it easy to go to tourist spots. Exits and entrances to the subway stations are clearly marked, music and sound effects were used to notify commuters that they have arrived the station, and a screen shows the current location of the next train. Another best thing is the T-Money card, an electronic transportation card which is good for the subway and also the bus.

Ice Cream SALE

There’s something about Korean ice cream. I dunno, but its more creamy, full of flavor, and most of all… cheap! It also comes in different flavors and fun shapes. As I mentioned in my previous post in Facebook, a convenience store near our guesthouse announced an “Ice Cream Sale” and we were there every single night for after dinner dessert. I think they gave me my vacation weight too.


This was our favorite hangout place. We started our tour by watching a movie in Myeongdong and we also ended it here with a visit to their big Dunkin Donuts store. We were here every single night too looking for pasalubongs and checking out restaurants where will we have dinner. This place has everything and its still alive even at 12 midnight. Truly a shopping mecca for any shopaholics who will visit Seoul.

Korean Fashion

How can I forget this? Koreans were one of the most fashionable people I’ve seen and they practically look good in anything. One thing I’ve noticed is their office wear which is simple and plain, in colors of black and white. I’ve seen girls wearing flowy dresses and blouses in bright colors and men in short shorts, tucked white crisp shirts or even a simple plain v-neck tees and loafers. Just lovely, eye candy for me even! Can’t wait to see them during winter season.

Being Totally Foreign

Yes! The simple fact that I don’t understand what their saying, whats written on their menu or the street signs, or where to go. That feeling of being clueless! There’s something about being in a public place and not understanding a word of what’s going on around you and all you have to rely on are your senses… smells, images, sounds and feelings. This feeling excites me and this is one of the moments that I will miss in Seoul.

Well, I will definitely go back. Probably in their winter time.


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