SCHLURP: The Milk Tea In A Bottle

This morning before heading home, I went to 7 Eleven to buy something; actually, I just need to break my P500 bill for my taxi fare. I was looking for something to buy until I came across a very special treat.

I personally love Milk Tea (and I know you do too). Milk tea stalls are everywhere nowadays selling them in all sorts of flavors, but I never expected that I will find my favorite milk tea in a PET bottle, at 7 Eleven, 6:00 in the morning.


Yes milk tea fans, and this goes out to my office mates who like to start their day with milk tea instead of coffee! Its called SCHLURPyummy milk tea with chewy jelly in a bottle. Talk about ready to drink convenience. I’m not sure though if I’m blogging too late because I think it went out on the market a couple of months ago.


The nice thing about Schlurp is that its conveniently packaged so you can bring it around if you cannot finish it right away. Also, its cheap! For only P 39.00 you can have that milk tea goodness anytime, anywhere (I sounded like a Salesman right there). The packaging says that its made from all natural brewed loose black tea leaves (never from tea bags) combined with low fat milk. No preservatives, no artificial colors and flavors.

But what I really like about Schlurp is the taste of course. Its smooth, bold, malty, rich, milky, creamy and the best thing of all, its not sweet. I has the right amount of sweetness and bitterness. The flavor of milk tea these days is overthrown by the sweetness from the sugar and artificial flavors added. I love Happy Lemon, but this one kinda stole my heart. It’s definitely love at first gulp!

I took a picture of us together. Haha!


A kiss from me. I love Schlurp!

This gets a perfect 10 for me. Schlurp might redefine milk tea drinking because of its convenience, affordable price, simplicity, and its guilt-free goodness. You don’t believe me? Go to your nearest 7 Eleven stores now and try it!


7 thoughts on “SCHLURP: The Milk Tea In A Bottle

  1. Yup flat sweetness just right on… used brown sugar too; healthier… chance upon this in robinson pioneer grocery, it’s 59.50 now, price jump from introductory of 39… but ok ok since really good. Did not notice this though in the 7/11 near my office in makati. I will look again 😊

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