Staying in Seoul: Namsan Guesthouse

A few people were asking where did we stay in Seoul for our 10-day vacation so I’ll tell you now.

We stayed at Namsan Guesthouse. I wanna thank Google for helping me out on this.


Namsan Guesthouse has 3 locations but they are in the same area. Namsan Guesthouse 1 is located a bit further up the hill. Namsan Guesthouse 2 and Namsan Guesthouse 3 which is their newest building. We stayed at Namsan 1. Upon check in, I saw walls of soft-cork board decorated with pictures and notes left by the guests. A lot of satisfied customers indeed.


The place is located near subway exit 3, Myeongdong Station a few minutes away from Myeongdong which is the shopping mecca of Seoul. Its on a hill so we kinda had to hike the hill to reach the guesthouse (its a good exercise though). It was also near the Namsan Cable Car station, which will bring you to the N Seoul Tower.


Booking and Rates

Getting a room is very easy. Just go to their website, fill out the reservation form, and send it to them. They are very prompt in emailing you back with the confirmation. Once you have a confirmation number, they will advise you that you need to re-confirm your booking a month before your scheduled check-in. You will pay them upon check-in. yes, no down payment.

Since we just need a room for two, we booked their Double Room for 45,000 KRW roughly PHP 1,700 per night. Upon check in, they will give you the keys to your room and you just need to return it to them upon check-out.




Basically the room size is just nice for 2 people. Its clean, simple, with air-conditioner, refrigerator,, cable TV, and Ondol System which is the Korean Floor Heating System. The toilet and bath is clean too with all the basics provided like towel, hair dryer, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and toilet paper. It has its own bath tub too by the way.

Seoul has the fastest Internet connection so expect that they have free internet (with two desktops for guests to use) in the common room. You can also enjoy their fast WiFi inside your room.


They also provide free breakfast of toast, strawberry jam, peanut jam and butter. They also have spicy cup noodles, oatmeal, green tea, coffee, sugar and cream. Just enough to jump start your day.



Missing home would not be a problem because you can call them anytime with their Skype Internet Phone.

They also have an open kitchen where you can cook. Also a washing area with two large automatic washing machines so can do your own laundry especially if you’re gonna stay for a long time.


Staff are very friendly, English speakers, and accommodating too. They can help you with your whole trip there in Seoul.

How To Get There

Take AREX (Airport Railway Express) from Incheon International Airport non-stop to Seoul Station. From Seoul Station, take subway Line 4 going to Myeongdong Station and get out from Exit 3.
Look for the Pacific Hotel and walk towards the hotel. Then take the right side of the road. Namsan Guesthouse will be at your left. You will need to check in at Namsan 2 since their main office is located there. For more information:
So there. You see, you don’t really need a high class accommodation in Seoul since you are not gonna spend most of you trip inside the room. All you need is a room that is comfortable so that you can rest well after walking around the city. I guess the next time we got to Seoul (like in December 2013), accommodations would not be that of a problem anymore.
*Photos are from the Internet. Had no chance of taking photos of the guesthouse.

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