Tagaytay Food Chronicles: Bag of Beans

Today I’m starving myself since I’m gonna go through my annual medical examination tommorow and all I can think of is food. I suddenly remembered one summer when me and my family went to Tagaytay for a vacation. Aside from all the activities that we did there, the food that we had was on top of my head. This inspired me to create this series that we’ll call “Tagaytay Food Chronicles”. If you havent been to any of these gastronomic jewels, this series is for you.

Tagaytay is probably the first place that comes into mind when we want to take a break from the busy city life and just chillax. Because of its location which is approximately a two-hour drive from Manila, Tagaytay is one of the major weekend getaway spots for all of us. With food in my mind, I would like to start this series and go back in time to revisit the four restaurants that I’m missing the most in Tagaytay.

Bag of Beans
Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City

We stopped here for breakfast. Bag of Beans is a coffee shop and a restaurant. They also sell very good English pies and bread to take home. The place is very nice. From the highway, you will see their store (which sells the pies and bread), then you go down the stairs entering a big garden, hearing the water gushing out from many of the mini fountains that they have, and their smiling and accommodating staff welcomed us. The place was serene.

They have a breakfast buffet menu which at that time, an “All Filipino Breakfast Buffet” where they have the usual tapa, tocino, longanissa, lugaw, adobo, daing na bangus etc. Yum! They serve breakfast buffet from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM for only 320 ++ Php. Here’s what we had.

Freshly Brewed Baraco: Serving choices: Regular 90.00, Bottomless 105.00 Php.

Being “Batangueno”, I’ve been drinking “kapeng barako” since I was 9 years old and I know its distinct taste. This one was good and it’s nice to know that they still serve this kind of coffee. It’s was nice to take a break from the usual Starbucks.

Country Breakfast: 2 Buttermilk Pancakes, 2 Eggs Sausage and Bacon, 295.00 Php.

Heart-stoppers! The pancakes were as fluffy as a pillow; eggs were great (as always, I love eggs. You can have them scrambled too); but bacon was a little bit on the burnt side. But hey, bacon is still bacon so it’s all good.

Bacon & Eggs: Crisp strips of bacon, 2 Eggs any style served with Bread and Butter, 275.00 Php.

You can also change this to Sausages and Eggs. Bread was freshly baked; warm tasty and was like a super special “pandesal”.

See you tomorrow for an all traditional Filipino lunch!


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