5 Classic Taxi Driver Lines

I’ve been commuting by taxi for years and I must say, I’ve heard it all. All their famous and classic lines in all sorts of situations. I just heard one again awhile ago. Let’s see if you can relate to these.


Here are “5 Classic Taxi Driver Lines”

“Ay di doon ang ruta ko eh”
Hmmmm, even though the words “From Manila to any point in Luzon” are clearly printed on your cab? Nice!

“Pakidagdagan nalang po kasi traffic”
Which part of Metro Manila is not traffic? Unless kuya will do magic tricks while we’re stucked in traffic I’ll be willing to give dagdag. You guys have fixed rate and a rate per kilometer.

“Ikot tayo dito kasi magttraffic diyan eh”
Even thoughthat you know that there’s no traffic in that area. Kuya, its past rush hour and I’ve been passing that route everyday. Clearly, kuya just want to keep the taxi meter going.

“Pakituro na lang po kung saan yun”
This is probably one of the scariest phrases you’ll hear. I really don’t mind helping kuya out, but kuya drivers should at least have basic knowledge of the area. Drayber ka eh.

“Ay wala akong barya at panukli”
This! I always get this usually at 9:00 AM when I hand over my 100 peso bill. Take note, my meter reads 70 pesos. Wala kang biyahe kahapon? Or kagigising mo lang? Tsk!

Note: I’m not saying that all cab drivers are like this. Some of them are very honest, neat, professional and respectful. I just wish that everyone is.


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