Let’s Organize! 3 Gift Ideas from Storage Solutions

Giving gifts during Christmas season has been very challenging for some. Every year you wanna give your loved ones something that is cute and new. Nowadays functionality is also being considered when giving gifts.

This year I’ve been very lucky to come across a Filipino owned company called Storage Solutions which sells organizers of all sorts. From passport holders, toiletries organizers, ID holders, vanity kits, chargers organizers, MRT pass cases, bag shapers etc., they have something that you will really like for yourself or for a loved one. So I went shopping last Saturday to get my friends (and myself) something. Here are some of the things I got. You might wanna consider these good finds for your Christmas shopping.

Personal Media Organizer
Nowadays, some of us owns an average of 2-3 gadgets and carrying them around is such a challenge. Don’t you wish they would just fit in one bag (chargers included)? Well this baby is for you! Its a very slim bag that can hold 3 mobile phones, a tablet, and your chargers. Its also lightly padded for protection and has back button holes for easy charging. It comes in colors of red, black, blue, pink, green, purple and orange.

3 Piece Travel Set
This one is so cool! These 3 piece drawstring pouches are pre-labelled for a more organized and neat luggage when you travel. Say goodbye to ugly plastic bags that doesn’t do the job. These pouches can be used and re-used whenever you go on a vacay.

Foldable Toiletries Kit
P200.00 (currently on SALE: Buy 3 for P500.00)
Bringing your toiletries with you can be such a mess especially when you just dump everything together inside a plastic bag. This foldable bag handles all your bath and beauty necessities when you travel. You can also hang this on any bathroom for easy access. My friend made use of this as a make up holder. Comes in fun colors too.

You can see more of their products on their official website: www.storagesolutions.multiply.com or visit them at one of their outlet stores in Cash & Carry Makati, Alabang Town Center and Greenhills Shopping Center. Happy Christmas shopping!


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