10 Things I Wish I Had Done Before the World Ends

Today is December 20, 2012. A day before the anticipated December 21 “end of the word” Mayan Apocalypse prediction will happen (true or not). Although the Mayans gave us thousands of years to prepare, I still keep on asking myself: Am I ready?


I know its crazy but whether its gonna happen or not, the things that I wanna do before the world eats me alive tomorrow keep on crossing my mind. I have come up with 10 things I wish I have done before that day comes. I know its already kinda late but yeah for the sake, lets say I really prepared for it. In random order:

10. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to afford it but I’ll go skydiving. I can just feel the rush and being afraid of heights, this would be a nice experience to conquer my fear rather than bungee jumping.

9. I will get myself in debt. Swiping credit cards, purchasing super expensive items, loaning from banks. I’ll buy more clothes, shoes, bags, gadgets, everything. I won’t worry about my bills since I’m not gonna pay them. It won’t matter. In short, I will splurge!

8. Since I already robbed the banks with all my loans and stuff, I will use the money to go to two of my dream destinations: Japan, to witness the cherry blossom festival and walk the streets of Tokyo; and India to take photos and attend an Indian wedding. I would probably spend 2-3 months on each country.

7. I will invite my Dad to a one week vacation of his choice to talk, reconcile, and ask for forgiveness. Will forgive him too.

6. Three days before the “Big Day” as what brides usually do, I will go to the best Spas (again, Spas, not just one) to pamper myself. I wanna be glowing before being eaten by molten lava.

5. I will allot a week or two of doing the same normal things I planned for a day as if no end of the world is gonna happen. I will not worry about it.

4. I will eat like royalty. Not gonna focus on the quantity, but the quality! Will choose food that is expensive, delicate and challenging to prepare. I hope I still have money to do it during this time.

3. A few days before the “Big Day” is of course the Christmas season and still the best time to share and give back to the community. I will celebrate with the kids in some orphanage and also the aged and make them happy for one last time. Will donate not just money but also my time.

2. It would probably the best time to give thanks to everyone who helped me. My parents, family, my boyfriend, friends and colleagues. I will even look for my teachers and all the people in the whole community who helped me in a way and make them feel how grateful I am to them.

1. I will celebrate. After all, I had a wonderful life. So some time in that time frame, I will organize a very special party, and gather some very important people in my life namely family and friends just to relive special moments, good or bad, embarrassing or not. For me, everything that happened to me deserves a celebration.

Well, whether the Mayan Apocalypse will happen or not, its the perfect time to reflect on how we are living our lives. This list actually got me thinking that maybe I’m too distracted and busy to truly live it. But you know, in the event that the world does not end tomorrow one thing is for sure, it’s definitely not too late to start living again. Maybe for some of us, it can finally begin.


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