12 on 2012: The Best Photos I Shot This Year

For those of you who didn’t know, I started taking photos back in 2010 and it kinda became a hobby of mine. I’m not that serious when it comes to it but I believe that I can pull off some decent photographs worthy of keeping and showing to my friends and family.

I have been to a couple of places this year but I have not taken that much photos compared to 2011. I dunno. Sometimes I’m feeling lazy to bring my bulky camera to my trips. Still, I can say that I was able to capture a number of good ones this year. I hoping that I would take more photos in the coming 2013.

Here are some of the good and memorable photos i have taken in 2012.

20121224-062014.jpg A door in Seoul, South Korea. August 7, 2012

20121224-062851.jpg A lake in Coron, Philippines. April 2012

20121224-063152.jpg A kid with tooth gap and polka bow tie. March 2012

20121224-063332.jpg The Peak Tram in Hong Kong. February 2012

20121224-063452.jpg A roof in Seoul, South Korea. August 2012

20121224-063728.jpg A guy in a crowd in Macau. February 2012

20121224-063831.jpg The tip of the boat in Coron, Philippines April 2012

20121224-063937.jpg Waking up in Ortigas, Pasig City Philippines January 2012

20121224-064120.jpg A palace hallway in Seoul, South Korea August 2012

20121224-064313.jpg Rock formations in Palawan, Philippines April 2012

20121224-064706.jpg Stairs in Ruins of St. Paul, Macau February 2012

20121224-064938.jpg A street fashion styling and shoot I did last May 2012


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