6 Things You Should Stop Doing In The Office

Tonight will be my last working day for 2012 and a great way to finish off the working year is to write a blog post about work. It was a tough 300 plus plus work days but I must say that I have learned a lot in the office.

For me, being happy in the workplace is not just about adding things like more hard work, more patience, more will power. Sometimes, its also about subtracting or minimizing. With that said, here are 6 things I learned to stop doing in the office.


Stop Impressing. Not everyone will like you, and that’s okay. People will always say something about you and that’s normal. That’s a fact that we need to accept. Most of the time your officemates will only like your work ethics. So might as well do your job, don’t mind what you hear and just be who you are.Trying to impress your officemates will just put a pressure on you and might let you lose focus on work. Just be professional and do wrong to no one. Respect one another.

Stop Complaining. We have a lot of things to complain about in the workplace. More tasks, stricter rules, organizational movements or even our jobs itself. Sometimes, we unconsciously complain about our personal problems in the workplace too. But will it make everything better? Complaining will not solve anything. It will never make your job easier nor faster and its also a waste of your time. I’m also sure that your co-workers does not want to hear it. Just do your task, change what you can change and accept what you cannot change.

Stop Dwelling. So you messed up the task that was given to you, so what? Just define your take aways and move on. I always believed that our past mistakes teaches us something, however we should take it and let it go. When others make mistakes, have an open mind, teach them and then move on. Dwelling on your past mistakes will not take you further. And besides your past mistakes does not define who you are but rather who you become after that mistake.

Stop Overworking. Your work life ends each day at the end of your shift. We are required to do our work within the time frame given. Finishing your work on time shows how productive you are and will not drain your body. You are not a robot or a machine. Your health is more important than anything else at work. So start your shift by finishing all your task then use the remaining time to do whatever you want. Work and life balance.

Stop Blaming. People make mistakes and thats normal. Pointing fingers will not solve any problem and will just make the situation worst. Before blaming others, ask yourself if you in a way are at fault too. Do a self check and do not be one sided but rather work things together. Taking responsibility when things go wrong instead of blaming others isn’t weakness, it’s actually empowering because then you focus on doing things better next time.

Stop Hating Your Job. This is very simple. Whenever you feel like you hate your job and what you are doing, just thing of the thousands of qualified people who would kill for the position that you have right now. You have to accept the fact that no job is easy. So instead of hating, learn to love your job and keep yourself motivated. Think of your family, that shoes you wanna get, that new gadget you are aiming for, or that vacation for yourself. If it doesn’t work, then its time to reassess your career and not let your current job suffer.

For me, doing these things will bring a peaceful working environment. I know that I’ve done a lot of complaining, blaming, hating and dwelling this year but I’am a work in progress. It will take some time to change but I believe in my capabilities to do so. Whats more important is I was able to highlight my weaknesses and focused on what I can do to be better. I you you can too!

Let us celebrate the fact that we finished the year and hope for a better year to come. Cheers for the year that was!


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