20 Things I Learned About Life In 2012

NOTE: I actually wrote this while on a plane bound for Boracay last December 31, 2012 at around 2:30 PM. I got no internet on the plane so I posted late.


There are a lot of things I learned this year about life. I have been very blessed to get those learnings from close friends, family, partner, co workers and even TV shows that I love to watch. So before I start this, I wanna thank all the people who somehow touched my life in 2012 for I sure learned a lot from them. Good or bad.

This 2012, I learned that……………………………….

1. Not everyone will like you or will even judge you. That’s ok. What they think about us is none of our business.

2. You don’t have to be beside your boyfriend/girlfriend all the time. They have their own life too. Remember that you are both individuals.

3. Do not sweat the small stuff.

4. If you don’t have problems, don’t start looking for one.

5. Mind your own business. Train your self not to care with other people’s affairs.

6. Being alone sometimes is a good thing. Like going to the mall, dining alone, shopping alone. It makes you think about your life as an individual.

7. Do not gossip. Or if you really can’t avoid it, try to do it with discretion. XOXO 😀

9. Love your parents. We are so busy growing up that we also forget that they are growing old.

10. Kids in your family will grow up – fast. Hug and kiss them. As much as you can. Before you know it, you wont even find their shadows.

11. Always look at both sides of the story.

12. Give more compliments to other people. May it be what their wearing or any small stuff. It might be what they need at the moment.

13. Face your problems, do not Facebook them. Treat your issues, do not Tweet them.

14. Keep your circle small. Less drama.

15. Take care of your health. Stay in shape. Its important.

16. Know when to be silent. Sometimes its the best thing to do. Shutting up will save you.

17. Love your job. It keeps your life going. It may not be the one that you have dreamed of but its what you have right now. Thousands will kill for your position.

18. Friends doesn’t need to be together all the time. They have their own lives and moments too and sometimes you don’t need to be a part of it. Togetherness does not justify friendship. Based on my personal experience, hanging out is more genuine and special when you have been apart for quite sometime. (Texting and calling is ok if you guys can’t meet)

19. Spoil yourself once in a while. You deserve to have the things that you want. There’s nothing wrong about that.

20. Surround yourself with smart and happy people. This is your life and you are the driver of your car on the road to fulfillment and happiness. Choose the people in your circle wisely. Life is a journey and we don’t travel alone. Its just a matter of who you are bringing to your trip.

Don 🙂


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