5 Ways To Appreciate Your Current Job

The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.

Yesterday, we had a meeting with our Big Boss regarding the employees’ satisfaction with our company and although the scores given were way better that last year’s, it still amazes me that there were a number of people not satisfied with what we have here. I mean, I can’t blame them if they feel that way but it got me thinking; is it the company, or is it them?

For me, no matter how good things are in other parts of your life such as family, social life, and relationships, our job is a major part and is as important. The job that you have right now might not be your dream job, but this is the job that we chose and it is just right to take care of it, appreciate it, and make the most out of it. Appreciation is probably the best way to deal with dissatisfaction and there are a number of things you can do to begin loving the job that you currently do.

Thousands applied, you were chosen.

I always take a look back at the time when I was at the receiving area waiting for my final interview. It was probably one of the most memorable moments of my career life, waiting. But sometimes, I also try to imagine the number of people who were rejected for the same position I was applying for. It must be so sad to walk away from the building with nothing and some of them might still not have jobs until today. That alone is something we should think about it.

Your lifestyle now might not be the same if not for it.

Well, I’m living quite comfortable because of my current job. I can buy a shirt or two from time to time, eat out during my weekends off, I can buy a frappuccino at Starbucks, and can travel the Philippines during holidays. Well all do right? Our jobs provided us with all of these things and I’m sure that if we quit our jobs, our lives would look very different.

The friends and relationships you gained.

Before, I have this mind set of “I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to just work.” which in the long run changed my perspective in creating relationships in the office. I found a number of good friends in my current workplace and they are very dear to me. Also, I maintained a strong professional relationship with my office mates and now, I feel confident that when I need help I can always have someone to ask. Besides, at the end of the day, we all need to work together. Just imagine how hard it is to start over and build new relationships again in a new company.

Safe work environment

I’m so thankful that my current company takes safety very seriously. It was annoying at first but when you think about it, it helps you inject that safety mindset in your own life or your own household. We should always feel lucky to have been working in a safe office building. Someone cleans our desks for us, guards our premises 24/7, and we even have our own taxi bay carefully inspected before we even hop in! You just have to realize that some people work in the most dangerous environment and you should feel so lucky.

It’s not your job, it’s you.

Finally, as what my boss said, “it all boils down to the person’s character”. Sometimes, we need to ask ourselves: “Is it the job, or is it me?” We need to figure out what we can’t change and just deal with it. On the other hand, we should start looking at the things that we can control, change it and learn from it. Looking at your current job in a different perspective really helps. It not only helps you appreciate your job, but it also develops your character and your sense of maturity.  

It is very easy to hate your job. However, as soon as you realize the things that it gives you, the people that you have around you, and the way it makes you feel how lucky you are, you start to think differently.


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