20 Things I Learned About Life In 2012

NOTE: I actually wrote this while on a plane bound for Boracay last December 31, 2012 at around 2:30 PM. I got no internet on the plane so I posted late.


There are a lot of things I learned this year about life. I have been very blessed to get those learnings from close friends, family, partner, co workers and even TV shows that I love to watch. So before I start this, I wanna thank all the people who somehow touched my life in 2012 for I sure learned a lot from them. Good or bad.

This 2012, I learned that……………………………….

1. Not everyone will like you or will even judge you. That’s ok. What they think about us is none of our business.

2. You don’t have to be beside your boyfriend/girlfriend all the time. They have their own life too. Remember that you are both individuals.

3. Do not sweat the small stuff.

4. If you don’t have problems, don’t start looking for one.

5. Mind your own business. Train your self not to care with other people’s affairs.

6. Being alone sometimes is a good thing. Like going to the mall, dining alone, shopping alone. It makes you think about your life as an individual.

7. Do not gossip. Or if you really can’t avoid it, try to do it with discretion. XOXO 😀

9. Love your parents. We are so busy growing up that we also forget that they are growing old.

10. Kids in your family will grow up – fast. Hug and kiss them. As much as you can. Before you know it, you wont even find their shadows.

11. Always look at both sides of the story.

12. Give more compliments to other people. May it be what their wearing or any small stuff. It might be what they need at the moment.

13. Face your problems, do not Facebook them. Treat your issues, do not Tweet them.

14. Keep your circle small. Less drama.

15. Take care of your health. Stay in shape. Its important.

16. Know when to be silent. Sometimes its the best thing to do. Shutting up will save you.

17. Love your job. It keeps your life going. It may not be the one that you have dreamed of but its what you have right now. Thousands will kill for your position.

18. Friends doesn’t need to be together all the time. They have their own lives and moments too and sometimes you don’t need to be a part of it. Togetherness does not justify friendship. Based on my personal experience, hanging out is more genuine and special when you have been apart for quite sometime. (Texting and calling is ok if you guys can’t meet)

19. Spoil yourself once in a while. You deserve to have the things that you want. There’s nothing wrong about that.

20. Surround yourself with smart and happy people. This is your life and you are the driver of your car on the road to fulfillment and happiness. Choose the people in your circle wisely. Life is a journey and we don’t travel alone. Its just a matter of who you are bringing to your trip.

Don 🙂


6 Things You Should Stop Doing In The Office

Tonight will be my last working day for 2012 and a great way to finish off the working year is to write a blog post about work. It was a tough 300 plus plus work days but I must say that I have learned a lot in the office.

For me, being happy in the workplace is not just about adding things like more hard work, more patience, more will power. Sometimes, its also about subtracting or minimizing. With that said, here are 6 things I learned to stop doing in the office.


Stop Impressing. Not everyone will like you, and that’s okay. People will always say something about you and that’s normal. That’s a fact that we need to accept. Most of the time your officemates will only like your work ethics. So might as well do your job, don’t mind what you hear and just be who you are.Trying to impress your officemates will just put a pressure on you and might let you lose focus on work. Just be professional and do wrong to no one. Respect one another.

Stop Complaining. We have a lot of things to complain about in the workplace. More tasks, stricter rules, organizational movements or even our jobs itself. Sometimes, we unconsciously complain about our personal problems in the workplace too. But will it make everything better? Complaining will not solve anything. It will never make your job easier nor faster and its also a waste of your time. I’m also sure that your co-workers does not want to hear it. Just do your task, change what you can change and accept what you cannot change.

Stop Dwelling. So you messed up the task that was given to you, so what? Just define your take aways and move on. I always believed that our past mistakes teaches us something, however we should take it and let it go. When others make mistakes, have an open mind, teach them and then move on. Dwelling on your past mistakes will not take you further. And besides your past mistakes does not define who you are but rather who you become after that mistake.

Stop Overworking. Your work life ends each day at the end of your shift. We are required to do our work within the time frame given. Finishing your work on time shows how productive you are and will not drain your body. You are not a robot or a machine. Your health is more important than anything else at work. So start your shift by finishing all your task then use the remaining time to do whatever you want. Work and life balance.

Stop Blaming. People make mistakes and thats normal. Pointing fingers will not solve any problem and will just make the situation worst. Before blaming others, ask yourself if you in a way are at fault too. Do a self check and do not be one sided but rather work things together. Taking responsibility when things go wrong instead of blaming others isn’t weakness, it’s actually empowering because then you focus on doing things better next time.

Stop Hating Your Job. This is very simple. Whenever you feel like you hate your job and what you are doing, just thing of the thousands of qualified people who would kill for the position that you have right now. You have to accept the fact that no job is easy. So instead of hating, learn to love your job and keep yourself motivated. Think of your family, that shoes you wanna get, that new gadget you are aiming for, or that vacation for yourself. If it doesn’t work, then its time to reassess your career and not let your current job suffer.

For me, doing these things will bring a peaceful working environment. I know that I’ve done a lot of complaining, blaming, hating and dwelling this year but I’am a work in progress. It will take some time to change but I believe in my capabilities to do so. Whats more important is I was able to highlight my weaknesses and focused on what I can do to be better. I you you can too!

Let us celebrate the fact that we finished the year and hope for a better year to come. Cheers for the year that was!

5 Things To Help You Mind Your Own Business

With all the things that we see everyday, people we encounter and things that we hear or read, its very hard not to judge or mind. But believe it or not I’m trying my best not to. Its hard, but I always try to look at things at a different perspective.

20121228-055816.jpg Let me share to you these 5 things that you can tell yourself before trying to mind other’s business. I think its working for me.

I don’t know the whole story. Most of the time, what we see or hear is just one part. Remember the “Amalayer” incident? we just saw the scene when the student is yelling at the lady security guard. How about the rest of the story? How did it start? Its very simple, if we have not seen or heard both sides, we should stay out of it.

No one asked for my point of view. We all have something to say. We are not robots. But even if we know that we are right and no one asked for our insights and especially when we don’t have something good to say, we should keep our thoughts to ourselves.

Other’s happiness might not be my type of happiness. Its very easy to judge a person based on what makes him happy. But we should always remember that we all have different levels of happiness. Checking in at a coffee shop on Foursquare might not be your thing but it may for others. Its just all about respecting our differences.

It doesn’t affect me. As long as you are not involved in whatever they are doing or saying and if no amount of your time and energy was used, you should not be affected. Stay in your place.

Its their lives, not mine. Very simple. Its their speech, their ways, their rules and in the end, their responsible for it. Most of the time, it is better to focus on your own life that be stressed out with others’.

I haven’t read the bible but I found this very nice verse on the internet.

“And to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you.”1 Thessalonians 4:11

12 on 2012: The Best Photos I Shot This Year

For those of you who didn’t know, I started taking photos back in 2010 and it kinda became a hobby of mine. I’m not that serious when it comes to it but I believe that I can pull off some decent photographs worthy of keeping and showing to my friends and family.

I have been to a couple of places this year but I have not taken that much photos compared to 2011. I dunno. Sometimes I’m feeling lazy to bring my bulky camera to my trips. Still, I can say that I was able to capture a number of good ones this year. I hoping that I would take more photos in the coming 2013.

Here are some of the good and memorable photos i have taken in 2012.

20121224-062014.jpg A door in Seoul, South Korea. August 7, 2012

20121224-062851.jpg A lake in Coron, Philippines. April 2012

20121224-063152.jpg A kid with tooth gap and polka bow tie. March 2012

20121224-063332.jpg The Peak Tram in Hong Kong. February 2012

20121224-063452.jpg A roof in Seoul, South Korea. August 2012

20121224-063728.jpg A guy in a crowd in Macau. February 2012

20121224-063831.jpg The tip of the boat in Coron, Philippines April 2012

20121224-063937.jpg Waking up in Ortigas, Pasig City Philippines January 2012

20121224-064120.jpg A palace hallway in Seoul, South Korea August 2012

20121224-064313.jpg Rock formations in Palawan, Philippines April 2012

20121224-064706.jpg Stairs in Ruins of St. Paul, Macau February 2012

20121224-064938.jpg A street fashion styling and shoot I did last May 2012

10 Things I Wish I Had Done Before the World Ends

Today is December 20, 2012. A day before the anticipated December 21 “end of the word” Mayan Apocalypse prediction will happen (true or not). Although the Mayans gave us thousands of years to prepare, I still keep on asking myself: Am I ready?


I know its crazy but whether its gonna happen or not, the things that I wanna do before the world eats me alive tomorrow keep on crossing my mind. I have come up with 10 things I wish I have done before that day comes. I know its already kinda late but yeah for the sake, lets say I really prepared for it. In random order:

10. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to afford it but I’ll go skydiving. I can just feel the rush and being afraid of heights, this would be a nice experience to conquer my fear rather than bungee jumping.

9. I will get myself in debt. Swiping credit cards, purchasing super expensive items, loaning from banks. I’ll buy more clothes, shoes, bags, gadgets, everything. I won’t worry about my bills since I’m not gonna pay them. It won’t matter. In short, I will splurge!

8. Since I already robbed the banks with all my loans and stuff, I will use the money to go to two of my dream destinations: Japan, to witness the cherry blossom festival and walk the streets of Tokyo; and India to take photos and attend an Indian wedding. I would probably spend 2-3 months on each country.

7. I will invite my Dad to a one week vacation of his choice to talk, reconcile, and ask for forgiveness. Will forgive him too.

6. Three days before the “Big Day” as what brides usually do, I will go to the best Spas (again, Spas, not just one) to pamper myself. I wanna be glowing before being eaten by molten lava.

5. I will allot a week or two of doing the same normal things I planned for a day as if no end of the world is gonna happen. I will not worry about it.

4. I will eat like royalty. Not gonna focus on the quantity, but the quality! Will choose food that is expensive, delicate and challenging to prepare. I hope I still have money to do it during this time.

3. A few days before the “Big Day” is of course the Christmas season and still the best time to share and give back to the community. I will celebrate with the kids in some orphanage and also the aged and make them happy for one last time. Will donate not just money but also my time.

2. It would probably the best time to give thanks to everyone who helped me. My parents, family, my boyfriend, friends and colleagues. I will even look for my teachers and all the people in the whole community who helped me in a way and make them feel how grateful I am to them.

1. I will celebrate. After all, I had a wonderful life. So some time in that time frame, I will organize a very special party, and gather some very important people in my life namely family and friends just to relive special moments, good or bad, embarrassing or not. For me, everything that happened to me deserves a celebration.

Well, whether the Mayan Apocalypse will happen or not, its the perfect time to reflect on how we are living our lives. This list actually got me thinking that maybe I’m too distracted and busy to truly live it. But you know, in the event that the world does not end tomorrow one thing is for sure, it’s definitely not too late to start living again. Maybe for some of us, it can finally begin.

Power Bank: A Gadget Savvy Must Have

Nowadays, and average person owns an average of 2-3 gadgets may it be a smartphone, a tablet, or a lappy. Some of us need to carry all of them everyday and sometimes, we run out of batteries.

I have been using a smartphone plus a mini tablet for months now and battery life is without a doubt an issue. Sometimes while stucked in traffic, I can’t help but wait until I get to the office/home to charge. I dunno about you, but it feels awkward to charge my gadgets at coffee shops. I don’t do that. Luckily, I found a solution to this mini dilemma (thanks to my boyfriend). This is totally new to me, but I think a lot of people have been using this for years now.

20121219-235508.jpgI got myself this Mobile Power Bank from CD-R King. Its an on-the-go gadgets charger that allows you to fuel up your devices anytime, anywhere. Because the device is rechargeable, charging does not need an electric outlet. According to the “Ate” who assisted us, this baby can do up to three cycles of charging and I think that’s good enough for my one-hour travel time from house to office. Its a pretty neat gadget. It matches my white devices too.

20121219-235834.jpgThis Mobile Power Bank device sells at P800.00. Not bad for my first power bank. I saw several power banks being sold at Power Mac Center that costs around P3,500.00 so for me this is a good find. If you use your gadgets very often then you must consider buying one.

Let’s Organize! 3 Gift Ideas from Storage Solutions

Giving gifts during Christmas season has been very challenging for some. Every year you wanna give your loved ones something that is cute and new. Nowadays functionality is also being considered when giving gifts.

This year I’ve been very lucky to come across a Filipino owned company called Storage Solutions which sells organizers of all sorts. From passport holders, toiletries organizers, ID holders, vanity kits, chargers organizers, MRT pass cases, bag shapers etc., they have something that you will really like for yourself or for a loved one. So I went shopping last Saturday to get my friends (and myself) something. Here are some of the things I got. You might wanna consider these good finds for your Christmas shopping.

Personal Media Organizer
Nowadays, some of us owns an average of 2-3 gadgets and carrying them around is such a challenge. Don’t you wish they would just fit in one bag (chargers included)? Well this baby is for you! Its a very slim bag that can hold 3 mobile phones, a tablet, and your chargers. Its also lightly padded for protection and has back button holes for easy charging. It comes in colors of red, black, blue, pink, green, purple and orange.

3 Piece Travel Set
This one is so cool! These 3 piece drawstring pouches are pre-labelled for a more organized and neat luggage when you travel. Say goodbye to ugly plastic bags that doesn’t do the job. These pouches can be used and re-used whenever you go on a vacay.

Foldable Toiletries Kit
P200.00 (currently on SALE: Buy 3 for P500.00)
Bringing your toiletries with you can be such a mess especially when you just dump everything together inside a plastic bag. This foldable bag handles all your bath and beauty necessities when you travel. You can also hang this on any bathroom for easy access. My friend made use of this as a make up holder. Comes in fun colors too.

You can see more of their products on their official website: www.storagesolutions.multiply.com or visit them at one of their outlet stores in Cash & Carry Makati, Alabang Town Center and Greenhills Shopping Center. Happy Christmas shopping!