DIY: Dip Dye Ombre Denim Shirt Tutorial

I’m back!…. Again!

Yeah, its been a while. Been doing a lot of stuff lately.

Anyway, on today’s blog, I’m about to prove that with a creative mind and some old clothing, you can do magic.

One fine afternoon, after I donated some of my old clothes to Caritas Manila, I found this nice denim shirt I got from Forever 21 Men. It has been one of my favorites and I thought of this idea of making it current. Lately I’ve been seeing these dip-dye ombre denim shirts on the internet and decided to make one myself. Trust me, its gonna be easy and fast.


Okay, so basically you’ll need an old denim shit (pants, shorts, or jackets will also be great with this), a bottle of bleach, a bucket, water, distilled white vinegar, a plastic bag, and some rubber bands.

First, you need to decide which part of the denim would you like to be lighter. For this one, I chose the top part along with the sleeves.

Cover the part that you want to retain the color of with plastic bag. Seal tightly by using a rubber band.


In a bucket, mix water and bleach. Ratio of one part bleach and two parts water. Let it stand for 10 minutes to set.

Now, dip the denim in the bucket (the part which you’d like to be lighter). Make sure the bleach solution don’t go beyond the plastic bag. TIP: Use laundry clips to keep it away from the solution.


Wait for an hour (this one I let sit for an hour and fifteen minutes, you can just eyeball it and check if its already the light color that you want).

Then go to the nearest sink and rinse the shirt with distilled white vinegar to stop the bleaching process and rinse with water. Then throw it in the washing machine and wash as you normally wash it then dry.


Whoalla! You have a new shirt! I actually wanted it to be whiter but I kinda like its grunginess.


So go scour your closet for some denim. You might find a gem in the rough. 😉