5-Day Office Lunch Idea (For Night Shifters)

Dieting doesn’t really mean that we have to eat less. We just have to eat better.

“Saan tayo mag-lu-lunch?” is probably the hardest question to answer especially for people working on the night shift. Simply because in this wee hours of the day, we don’t have much choice but to go “fast food”. Yeah, that juicy and big cheesy burger paired with that crunchy french fries and to top it all off, an upsize cup of your favorite soda. Its the same old thing every single day.

I am no dietician and I haven’t reached my ideal weight (or body) yet, but I can say that I’m on my way there. When I got back from the US last March, I almost hit 190lbs which is considered obese for my 5’10 height. Then I started reading articles and books about losing weight. Then I realized, losing weight is not about depriving myself not to eat, its about eating clean and right. (More on my way to losing weight soon. When I feel confident that I can share it already. Haha!)

So going back to our dilemma of not having that much choice when it comes to lunch during night shift, I figured that the only way that I can eat healthy and clean is… BAON. Yes, in tupperwares or microwave safe containers. With this, I have full control of what comes inside my body and will not lose track. Then I thought of this idea of having the same meal all week. Something that I can prepare over the weekend, pop in the freezer and re-heat in the office. With this in mind, I planned the “Meal of the Week”.

20130905-091308.jpgI started off with desserts. At the end of every meal, its normal that we feel like we need something sweet (or is it just me?). No cakes or cupcakes here, we’re talking about fruits. I found these pre-cut fruits at the grocery store and they were very cheap. Cut watermelon was like P25.00, pineapples I got for P20.00, and grapes for P100.00. To pack these babies I used a zip lock sandwich bag and put one of each inside. Desserts done! You can eat this in between meals to as a snack. Calories: If my calorie counter is correct, is about 59 calories per bag.

20130905-091414.jpgFor my source of carbs, I sliced my favorite veggies. Broccoli, baguio beans, carrots, and young corn. I added canned whole mushrooms for some earthiness.

20130905-091427.jpgSprinkle with a pinch of salt and pepper and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Put in a pan and roast them in a 350C oven for 15-20 minutes. Quick because you will reheat it in the office.

20130905-091617.jpgFor my protein source, I chose skinless chicken breasts. Rub the fillets with salt, pepper, rosemary, tarragon and olive oil and place on a baking dish.

20130905-091628.jpgBake them in the oven with the veggies for the same time.

Time to assemble! I got these very sturdy microwave and freezer safe containers (they’re about P200.00 for 5pcs.). Fill half of the container with the roasted veggies, half with the chicken, and put the fruit bag on top.

20130905-091839.jpgRepeat five times to make Monday to Friday. Put the lid on and pop in the freezer. That’s it! During lunch, re-heat in the microwave for 30 seconds and whoalla, a healthy, fulfilling meal without the guilt.

20130905-092013.jpgNow some of you might get sick of the idea of eating the same thing everyday but come to think of it, its just the same as eating fast food everyday. So why not go for the one that will do good to your body? 🙂

I’m currently looking for other recipes I can make as office baon. Will share it you soon. Happy eating!