Staying Positive in the Workplace

Hey guys! Still remember me? It’s been I while since I wrote something here. So to make up for the lost time, I have a long one for you. Haha!

Life in the office isn’t perfect. That’s a fact.


I mean it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, colored and scented office paperclips and unlimited coffee. There will be times when everything will not go your way. It could be a lot of things, a very difficult task, sudden changes, or even a co-worker who’s very hard to work with. Challenges and changes in the workplace will always be there and sometimes, there’s nothing we can do about it. These things can fill the room with negative vibes.

We are human beings and its okay to be upset. It is normal. But still, negative moods can be hurtful to productivity in the workplace and can rub off on your fellow co-workers. Even so, I still believe that it’s not what happens around you, but how you react to it. In short, you are always in control of your mood and how you deal with it.

Here are some of my tips on how to stay positive in the workplace.

Focus – It’s very hard to do. I know, I know, you will always hear someone complaining, whining, or yelling. But the first thing that you can do is to start within you and not lose your focus. I always put on my earphones and listen to music while working whenever I hear people whining. I also create a “What I Have Accomplished List” and check each task one by one. One (crazy) other thing I do is I treat every call/task as an acting job so I try my best to do my best performance! Hahaha!

Try to understand other people’s feelings and SHUT UP – A good friend of mine once told me that when things get rough, silence is the best thing that you can do. We all have different problems to deal with and not everyone deals with it the same way we do. So whenever I can sense that someone is having a bad day, I always give them some space and time. If I need to talk to them, I do it in a very professional manner and I avoid (trying my hardest) commenting on what they are going through. Sometimes, they do not need our thoughts. Respect others, and others will respect you.

Reach out to Others – Isolating yourself from your co-workers is non-sense. Before, all I can think of is the people I personally know, and then I realized that at one point I will need to work with others. Work will be easier if we have a good support system since not all tasks can be done alone. Also, you can learn so many good practices from others. So make your corporate circle bigger, reach out, and engage people. Helped and you will be helped.

Take a break – Sometimes all I need is a step back away from my desk to regain my sanity and keep myself going throughout the day. So I always make use of my schedule breaks. I go to the pantry for a coffee break. Sometimes I visit friends at their workstation to chit-chat or share a good laugh. Often times I listen to mellow music just to keep my mind refreshed and calm. Forcing yourself to finish something won’t get the job done. *You can also sing even if you can’t. That can drive away negative vibes because I’m sure your office mates will laugh at you*

Start within yourself. Then spread positivity – Attitude is everything. Always ask yourself ‘Am I negative?” If you cannot find positivity around you, the best thing to do is to start within you, and then SPREAD IT! I make it a point to give out compliments (that I really mean) like “I like your dress”, or “you really helped me today, thank you”. You can also share some good laughs with your teammates by cracking jokes. Or simply smile at a stranger inside the elevator or the hallway. It’s not being plastic. Who doesn’t want a peaceful environment? And besides you’ll never know, that stranger will help you with your hardest task one day.

See, it just goes to show that we cannot find positivity somewhere, but it should start from each of us. At the end of the day, it is us who are in control of what’s happening around you. Positive thinking and a positive attitude can create positive results.


5 Things To Help You Mind Your Own Business

With all the things that we see everyday, people we encounter and things that we hear or read, its very hard not to judge or mind. But believe it or not I’m trying my best not to. Its hard, but I always try to look at things at a different perspective.

20121228-055816.jpg Let me share to you these 5 things that you can tell yourself before trying to mind other’s business. I think its working for me.

I don’t know the whole story. Most of the time, what we see or hear is just one part. Remember the “Amalayer” incident? we just saw the scene when the student is yelling at the lady security guard. How about the rest of the story? How did it start? Its very simple, if we have not seen or heard both sides, we should stay out of it.

No one asked for my point of view. We all have something to say. We are not robots. But even if we know that we are right and no one asked for our insights and especially when we don’t have something good to say, we should keep our thoughts to ourselves.

Other’s happiness might not be my type of happiness. Its very easy to judge a person based on what makes him happy. But we should always remember that we all have different levels of happiness. Checking in at a coffee shop on Foursquare might not be your thing but it may for others. Its just all about respecting our differences.

It doesn’t affect me. As long as you are not involved in whatever they are doing or saying and if no amount of your time and energy was used, you should not be affected. Stay in your place.

Its their lives, not mine. Very simple. Its their speech, their ways, their rules and in the end, their responsible for it. Most of the time, it is better to focus on your own life that be stressed out with others’.

I haven’t read the bible but I found this very nice verse on the internet.

“And to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you.”1 Thessalonians 4:11