Caritas Manila: Donating Made Easy

Helping and sharing doesn’t always have to come from your wallet, you see, it can also come straight from your closet.

One fine afternoon while surfing the web, I found Caritas Manila’s Segunda Mana site. Basically, what they do is they sell pre-loved items but what makes it different from second-hand outlets is that the items at Segunda Mana are donated and the proceeds are used to fund Caritas’ education, health, disaster management, and prison projects. It’s like Goodwill Stores in the US which I also had the chance to visit. When we dropped off some of my mom’s stuff, they even gave us shopping discount certificates in return. (See photo below)

20130902-015359.jpg So I was so thrilled to know that we already have this here in the Philippines too because finally, even if I cannot donate money, I can help by giving them my old stuff. They were still good stuff, most of them just don’t fit me anymore. So I scoured my closet and put everything in a bag, shirts, pants, shorts, a pair of shoes, a bag, etc. All ready to go.

20130902-015515.jpg Another great thing about Segunda Mana is that you don’t have to bring the stuff to them yourself. They can actually pick it up from your doorsteps! You just have to call their number and schedule a pick up. They will contact you back once the truck is on its way.

20130902-015629.jpg That weekend, their truck arrived. Personnel was very courteous and accepted my donations without hesitation. I was expecting a pick up charge but there was none. I cannot count the number of “thank you’s” that they gave me for the small amount of stuff that I asked them to pick up. It really felt good.

20130902-015719.jpg So if you have a lot of pre-love items taking so much space in your homes, go give them to Caritas Manila. I’m now building my second batch of boxes and also asked my family donate theirs. Its really true that in our own little way and a couple of minutes in our daily lives, we can help the less fortunate.

Caritas Manila Segunda Mana
Address: Caritas Manila INC., 2002 Jesus Street, Pandacan, Manila, Philippines
Telephone: (632) 564-0205; 562-0020 to 25
Fax: (632) 563-93-06; (632) 564-6678
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